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At the recent Cream Silk event we attended, we got to learn from four beauty experts how you can cut your beauty routine in half without sacrificing the quality of the finished look. Beauty editor Agoo Bengzon, MEGA magazine Editor-In-Chief Peewee Reyes-Isidro, Happy Skin co-founder Rissa Mananquil-Trillo, and celebrity hairstylist Raymond Santiago were all there to give us tips and tricks on how to turn our good looks, into great ones!

We all know how time is precious when getting ready. Most days, we usually just throw on our go-to looks and rush out the door! And since we’re always in a rush, we need clothes and beauty products that can be used in more than one way. So if you’re like us busy bees, or you just want to learn how to create an amazing look with little time, here are 4 ways you can do to double up your beauty!


Use a lip and cheek tint

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Nothing says “healthy” than flushed cheeks and rosy lips! So instead of using 3 products — a blush, a lipstick, and a makeup brush to blend — take a lip and cheek tint like Happy Skin's Lip & Cheek Mousse, dab it over your cheeks and lips, and blend with your own fingers! The warmth of your fingers will seamlessly spread and even out the colour for a natural and long-lasting finish!

Treat and condition your hair

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Does straightening or curling your hair in the morning take up a lot of your time? And worse, does it damage it? To save time on your hair styling, just go natural and let your natural tresses shine through! Get that healthy, voluminous, and shiny crown we all want by using a 2-in-1 conditioner such as Cream Silk’s Daily Treatment Conditioner, which will rescue dry and damaged hair, and bring life back into it — allowing you to cut your hair styling (and in effect, your beauty routine) in half!

Use a versatile accessory

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Accessories can always accentuate any look when worn the right way. Simple ones are usually the best because they never overwhelm an outfit, but at the same time they make it pop more. So to bring your next OOTD to the next level, take a skinny scarf and use it as a necklace, or a belt, or as a scarf! It will softly add dimension and colour to your outfit without making it look heavy or "too much".

Invest in your brows

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While our hair is the true “face-framer,” brows come in second. And what better way to get brows on fleek than to use a lasting pencil and powder duo! The K-Palette Lasting 2-Way Eyebrow has a skinny pencil on one side to gently fill in your brows, while the other has a powder to set them in place and make them fuller! Full, neatly groomed brows will always make us look polished and sophisticated with minimal effort!


How do you double up your beauty? Tell us in the comments below!



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Nothing spells out ‘Christmas’ more than red lipstick. Why? Maybe it’s because it’s one of the two theme colours of the holiday, or it reminds us of love, or it might just be part of a global culture since red is such a timeless lip colour!

And while we may look fabulous wearing it, it can get catastrophic real fast, as well — it can stain your clothes, move to your teeth, fade throughout the night, and more. So to prevent all those, keep reading below for the 5 red lipsticks you should wear this holiday season that won’t budge, smudge, and disappear!


NARS Audacious Lipstick "Annabella"

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No lipstick collection would be complete without at least one from NARS’ Audacious line. Their smooth, pigmented, and hydrating formula keep lips from drying out, while it’s satin-bordering-on-matte finish is right on trend. ‘Annabella,’ a warm-toned poppy red, will brighten up any look you put together with its intense pigmentation! If you’re worried about staining or disappearing, don’t be, as Audacious lipsticks are renowned for lasting for hours on the lips!

MAC Lipstick "Russian Red"

(photo from curlsandmints)
Just as popular as MAC’s other red shade, “Ruby Woo,” this mid-toned neutral red (which we believe is a "truer red") comes in a matte finish for that chic, velvet look! Its creamy texture makes it a dream to apply and provides lips with a bit of hydration so it won't be as dry as the Sahara Desert at the end of the night, and won't accentuate lip lines! Yay!

Burberry Lip Velvet Lipstick “Honeysuckle”

(photo from Beautybyrah)

For those who are still afraid of wearing reds, then the Burberry Lip Velvet Lipstick in "Honeysuckle" is for you! A soft peachy-red that is both lightweight and creamy, you can never go wrong with this shade. It may be a matte lipstick, but this one still gives a bit of a sheen on the lips for a healthy and natural look!

Estee Lauder Pure Envy Liquid Lip Potion “Lethal Red”

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With just about every brand coming out with their own version of liquid lipsticks, it can be overwhelming to choose which to buy. But Estee Lauder’s version stands out from the rest with its fluffy, light-as-air texture that won’t dry out your lips (which many liquid lipsticks do). This vibrant warm lippie will wear for hours on end, and you can get the opacity and pigmentation you want with just one swipe!

Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar Lipstick “Red Blossom”

(photo from Cosmephilia)

The gradation lip trend is taking over the beauty world by storm, so if you’re into that natural, soft, sheered out lip, then this Two Tone Lip Bar in “Red Blossom” by Lineage is your guy! Now you can get pillowy ombre lips just in time for Christmas with this lipstick — its hydrating and extremely pigmented texture clings to the lips, so you can say goodbye to transferring, and hello to long-lasting! 


Which red lipstick are you going to wear this Christmas? Tell us in the comments below!



If you’ve ever dreamt of a makeup store that felt like heaven, Estee Lauder’s #BeautyPlayground is now open to give you that. Offering fun, refreshing, and exciting sections, the store has a dedicated ‘Dream Team’ of beauty specialists ready to bring beauty to the next level.

Specifically targeted for millennials, every aspect of the store was designed for a generation filled with life. According to Paul Slavin, Managing Director of Estee Lauder Malaysia, “Sunway Pyramid was our mall of choice as it is well known for its popularity among young college students. Meanwhile, those who visit the store will be able to see that it is beauty intertwined with lifestyle. It is a place where ladies will be able to just hang out with their girlfriends and try out the latest looks of the season in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.”

Women who enter the #BeautyPlayground will be taken through an ethereal journey at six “play areas” — Glow On, Glam Up, Get Polished, Mix & Mingle, Strike a Pose, and Gift Guide.
‘Glow On’ is all about skincare, where ladies will be able to get to discover personalised secrets from well-trained beauty specialists about having great skin and the perfect canvas for makeup. From there, you can move on to ‘Glam Up’, a section filled with endless possibilities and colour combinations of makeup; allowing everyone to create their own looks.

Once you’re done mixing and matching, you can head over to the ‘Get Polished’ section for some nail art inspiration with the brand’s nail colours, as well as lip colours for a complete makeup look! If you’re a perfume junkie like many of us, the ‘Mix & Mingle’ section will be your haven with its latest fragrances stacked up on the “fragrance wall”. And if you want to get your special someone a present, #BeautyPlayground has you covered with their ‘Gift Guide’ area!

All made up and set to go, you can then stop at ‘Strike a Pose’ to take a selfie against a digital photo wall to show off you brand new look of the day. What’s special about the digital photo wall is that one can select their preferred background from a selection based on one’s mood or style for the day.

It doesn’t end there, as it’s really a never ending journey of play at the #BeautyPlayground. At ‘Chill with Kendall Jenner’, girlfriends can also check out Kendall Jenner’s latest looks together with provided iPads and find out what her favourite products are online to inspire more new looks. On top of that, there will be themed makeup demonstrations every weekend led by the ‘Dream Team’ to further inspire.


The Estee Lauder e-commerce site is available all day every day at www.esteelauder.com.my. The site also has various exciting promotions and exclusive stories on Kendall Jenner on its editorial platform, The Estee Edit. Beauty has never been easier so come and play at the Estee Lauder #BeautyPlayground and www.esteelauder.com.my.