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4 Ways To Get That Christmas Glow

With Christmas just around the corner, we thought it'll be the perfect time to put together a few tips on how to look radiant and glowing throughout this busy holiday season. After all, with all the holiday parties happening around you, it's a must that you look happy and festive for all the holiday photos. 

So here are 4 ways to get that festive Christmas glow.


Amp Up Your Skincare

photo by SmitaDeSouza

December is the month when the weather in our region cools down, resulting in skin that may get drier than usual. So to combat the change in weather (and any stress involved with Christmas party-planning), stick to a skincare regimen that will hydrate your skin with essential vitamins and nutrients to keep it looking plump and nourished.
Go For Glowy Makeup

photo by SamanthaAshley

When it comes to your holiday season makeup of choice, pick products that will accentuate your naturally glowing skin (or at least make it look like you have naturally glowing skin). A cream blush paired with a highlighter lightly dusted over your cheekbones would look great together with a smokey gold and bronze shimmery eye makeup. Nail Art Galore

photo by melndrums

Nothing will get you more excited for Christmas than a Christmas-inspired nail art featuring red, gold, and the right amount of sparkle and glitter. We don't know about you, but we're always a little happier after a successful visit to the nail salon. Give yourself a treat this Christmas and unwind from the stress of holiday shopping with a fun, festive nail art design. Spread The Cheer

photo by christyfrisbee

Sure, wearing red will instantly put you in the Christmas spirit, giving you that glow that comes with the anticipation for the holiday festivities. But nothing beats spending time with your family and friends and spreading the the bright, Christmas spirit. Take it a step further by sending them Happiness In A Stocking! Who knows, you might both win one of the gifts we're giving away.

Take the time to show your appreciation to the friends and family who have made 2014 a year to remember! Send them Happiness in a Stocking!