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4 Ways To Look Luxuriously Basic

With DKNY's Pre-Resort 2016 Collection

Wearing something basic isn't a fashionable excuse to slack off with your look. In fact, designers, stylists, and models have been working the trend whenever they're not strutting under the limelight and just like any trend, it has an art to it. It's comfortable and chic, but how do you elevate it even more for a luxurious OOTD?

We've got 4 tips and inspiration straight from DKNY's Resort / Pre-Spring 2016 Collection to help you out! 


Work with a Colour Palette in Mind

The basic trend makes use of neutral colours, but you can always go against the norm. Adding this extra effort to putting your look together results in a polished look that intrigues people. It's simple, but the details and colours add up to a cohesive, pantone-perfect OOTD. 

Just Play with The Pieces

Basic pieces aren't exactly "basic." They're called as such as they are closet staples. In short, these basic pieces are the items you should invest on because they look good with anything--especially when paired together. Play with textures, lengths, and fabrics because basic pieces styled together are unstoppable.  

Make It Look Like You Don't Care

Being a fashion rebel is one of the traits of the luxurious. Wearing the basic trend to an elite and most-anticipated event is a big fashion statement. It's like saying you don't care in snobby yet "fashionesque" way--but you look good anyway. That's the magic of basic. 

Be a Walking Statement

Speaking of statements, elevated basic pieces such as a fur maroon coat,  a fringe pencil skirt, a pair of high cut leather sneakers and such are items that are usual highlights of the whole ensemble. Pick your statement piece and work around it. Either tone it down or amplify it for a street style look that's worth a thousand paparazzi photos. 


Have more "basic" tips to share? Let us know in the comments below!