4 Ways To Overcome The Power Of Darkness | Clozette
When you feel as if your life is trapped in darkness, how do you survive such a challenge---of feeling that sense of heaviness within you, pulling you away into seeking utter isolation and disconnecting from everyone and anyone around you?

Krystal Choo, the successful tech entrepreneur and the CEO and Founder behind the Wander app, shares her journey through the darkness she faced that started back when she was 13. Seemingly out of nowhere, she began to feel as if something wasn't right, experiencing an acute sense of isolation that drew her away from the people she cared about, pushing her into an emotional whirlwind she once felt she couldn't control or ever get out of.

But she did. Eight years later, she's back in control of her life, with a successful tech company that continues to inspire her every day. As one of the many who are diagnosed with severe clinical depression, Krystal is now sharing her story as testament to the fact that you are the master of your own destiny. And with this, she hopes to inspire others to fight out of their own darkness.

So draw inspiration from her journey. Keep reading below to learn how she has drawn motivation from light in order to channel new found strength from darkness to live a life that is both fulfilling and inspiring

Take It One Day At A Time

"I had lost the will to live. And it's not so much that I wanted to die. It's just that I didn't want to live. People always say there's this light at the end of the tunnel. You're in the tunnel...but there's is no light. I was desperate to get better, though. I kept going for therapy and every time I wanted to end my life, I told myself: just one more day."

Make The Choice To Live

“I made that decision to live...however hard that was. Slowly, a small light appeared after eight years. I had finally come out of the darkness. Depression is always with me but now I can control it, and from it I take a lot of strength."

Step Out From The Darkness

"My strength comes from my darkness. it comes from what I've been through and what I know I can survive. And when I combine the two, I really believe that nothing is out of my reach."

Pull Your Strength From Darkness

"Depression can be about not seeing things at all. You're so much in your own prison in your own head... Depression almost took my life. Now, it's the fire I draw my strength from."

Inspired by Krystal's journey of self-empowerment, take that challenge to illuminate your journey and set ablaze your life’s passions. There should be no room for self-doubt, nor should you allow your personal darkness to blind you from fulfilling your dreams.

Take that step, change your destiny, and empower your life.


Experienced your own version of darkness? Share with us how you have changed your destiny in the comments below.



Since exploding in the 1960’s as a form of rebellion, the mini skirt has always been a closet staple. From A-line structures to skater skirts, they were just everywhere. But now a new type of skirt has taken the fashion world by storm, and it’s a lot longer.

Say hello to the mid-length skirt! An item of clothing that was once just worn in corporate or conservative settings, has now taken over the spotlight — popping up at fashion events, premieres, and the streets all over the world.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by this flowy skirt, don’t be! Our top OOTDs for this week are here to help you learn how to rock this sophisticated skirt!




Taking inspiration from the 1950's, Star Clozetter ClarabelleFaithNg wore a light, smoky grey midi skirt with a fitted off-the-shoulder crop top for a sexy twist on a vintage staple. This look is perfect for everyone as the skirt’s high waist will give off an hourglass shape, while the top will emphasize all your good curves.



Going for a simple black and white OOTD, Clozette Ambassador Everestsays took it to the next level with her pleated mid-length skirt, lacy top, leather vest, and choker — giving a classic trend, an edgy and modern twist!



If summer could be a person, it would be Star Clozetter JacelynPhang! Her boldly printed pencil skit and bright green halter top aren’t what you would expect someone to wear during the fall season, but going against fashion rules surely paid off! Her gorgeous pencil skirt hugged her body beautifully, while her halter top and large sunglasses pulled the whole look together for one classy OOTD.



Going for a casual look, Star Clozetter AngelAndrade wore an oversized T-shirt with a striped mid-length pencil skirt. For those still dipping their toes in this trend, this is the look to go for as it’s simple, classic, and can be worn anywhere and dressed up or down!



Working with different shades of violet, Star Clozetter Vanessaxlim looks Parisian chic in her pastel midi skirt, royal purple top, and black handbag and sandals! Her accessories beautifully blended with her look, complementing each element, not overpowering it.


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(cover photo from abeeyootifulmess)

Get ready to dine in style and be surrounded by couture and one-of-a kind pieces in Seoul’s own Café Dior! Located in the Gangnam district within House of Dior’s largest boutique, this unique bistro comes equipped with glass walls, different concoctions of coffee and tea, and a scrumptious menu curated by world-famous French pastry chef, Pierre Hermé!

Its gray walls are adorned with numerous fashion sketches of their famous dresses, housed in simple, white frames that create an aura of elegance and sophistication within the café; while their fluffy, dense chairs establish an open and more comfortable feeling in the café that complements the glass walls, bringing more openness into the space that promotes a fun and extravagant experience.

Learn more about this magnificent six-story boutique and its chic cafe by watching the video below!