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4 Ways To Use The Power Of Makeup For Halloween

(photo from curlsandmints)

If there's one thing that people should know about makeup it's this-- it's powerful. It can enhance your features, make you look like your favourite celebrity (with proper contouring), and of course, it can make you look like the walking dead (in an artsy way). Yup, it's that time of the year again when beauty junkies exchange their pink lipsticks with black ones and their healthy, bronze glow for a pale, almost dead colour. 

Makeup is indeed an art, and here are 4 looks you can sport this Halloween season that proves how powerful makeup really is. 


Cat Halloween Makeup Tutorial

by Hannah Renée

It's not called a cat eye for nothing! In fact, you can literally sport this look this Halloween if you're planning to look like someone from the feline species. A cat, a lioness, or a jaguar maybe? It's up to you. Just start with your usual foundation routine, bronze up the face, add a few eyeshadow contour, and use an eyeliner to draw out your wing, nose, and whiskers! 

Undead Glam Halloween Makeup

by Desi Perkins

If the zombie fever has gotten into you but you don't want to look all-out ugly, try this "undead glam" look instead. It's like your zombie makeup with a beauty junkie past life not willing to give up her glam just yet. For this look you need to look pale, so use a light foundation, and a handful of dark eyeshadow colours. Follow the tutorial's instructions and you're all set! 

Pop Art / Cartoon Zombie 

by Nicole Guerriero

Explore your creative side and opt for something really beyond the usual by trying out this cartoon zombie look! The blue face paint might be  a pain to remove but with a Halloween look like this, you'll surely win that "best costume" contest. For this type of look you need copy a specific cartoon zombie, but don't be afraid to add extra details for a personal touch! 

Grudge School Girl

by fashonista804

For an all-out creepy, haunted, and nightmare look, opt for a cartoon character that really scared you.  A popular choice would have to be that kid from "The Grudge" movie. Be inspired by that and try it out with a twist by adding red contacts, prosthetics, and uber smokey eyeshadow. Add your school girl clothes and then get in character! 


Which Halloween makeup look are you planning to try?

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