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Living in a country that doesn’t have four seasons, we’re not able to rock a certain category of clothes. We’re not able to wear trench coats, gloves, faux fur, and a lot more because it doesn’t snow! But, the one thing that we can rock together with 4-seasoned countries are boots.

Women like us who live in tropical countries can still wear boots, with certain specifications to be made to ensure that our legs aren’t sweating by the end of the day! So if you’re interested to rock some new footwear, here are the 4 ways you can wear boots in hot weather!


With Dresses

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Dresses are great when worn with flats, sandals, or sneakers. But when paired with boots, it takes the look to a different level! It adds a new and different layer of sophistication and elegance that can’t be made with flat shoes. Whether your boots have heels or they’re just regular Dr. Martens, pairing it with the dress of your choice will transform it entirely!

As Rain Gear

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In this wet and dry climate, a girl should always be ready when strong rains suddenly come! And what better way to keep your feet dry than with waterproof boots? They come in a variety of colours and designs, making it easier for you to match them to your outfits! Plus, they come in different lengths too. So the more protection you want on your feet, and by extension legs, the higher you can go!

On Girls' Nights Out

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Sometimes, boots are just so much better than heels, adding a touch of edginess to any night out ensemble! Since they pair so well with whatever look you can think of, a sleek pair of boots (or booties) are like the new black pumps!

With Skinny Jeans

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Tired of pairing your skinny jeans with flats or sneakers? Then pair it with some boots! Not only will they give you an extra boost of height, but boots create a sleek finish that can’t be obtained with flats or sneakers!


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Every season in the fashion world, colour trends come and go. One day a certain shade is on top, the next it’s forgotten as quickly as that two-tone lip trend from 90's. But with the release of Pantone’s 2016 colours of the year, this year’s ‘it’ hues are more than that.

With a combination of pastels, neutrals, dark shades, and vibrant ones, these colours are guaranteed to stay popular for more than just one season. So, if you want to constantly be on top of your fashion game this year, scroll down for the list of colours that will be trendy all-year round!


Lilac Grey

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Ethereal and dark at the same time, this gorgeous neutral shade will look amazing in everything from fashion down to nails and makeup! Blurring the lines between light and dark tones, and flattering numerous skin tones, Lilac Grey will surely be a big hit in all seasons to come!

Rose Quartz

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One of the two colours of the year, Rose Quartz’s light shade will flatter numerous skin tones, and will work well when worn as anything! From clothes, accessories, shoes, to makeup and hair, there’s nothing this shade can’t conquer.


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The second of the two colors of this year, this dusty, light periwinkle hue will complement any shade it’s paired with! Soft and gentle, Serenity will add a touch of calmness (just as the name suggests) and sophistication to any outfit you rock!

Iced Coffee

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One of the hottest brown shades this year, Iced Coffee is a beautiful neutral that can transition any outfit from simple to bold with just a few detailed changes made! You can rock this colour any time because it’s a simple as black and white, but still very high fashion and elegant!


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If you’re in the mood for a bright pop of colour, then you’ll be glad Buttercup is hot right now! This bright yellow shade will pull any look together and make you stand out from any crowd. Rock it as a jewellery, shoes, or bags, however you want to wear this shade, it will definitely brighten up your ensemble!

Peach Echo

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Lovers of warm colours will be glad that Peach Echo is in the mix! Suitable for a variety of skin tones, we have a feeling this shade will become famous for being able to emphasise a summer tan! So whether you want rock this shade as a lipstick or a dress, this peachy colour will never fail to give you that warm, sun-kissed glow!

Green Flash

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Bright, bold, and daring? That’s Green Flash for you! Just like Buttercup, this bright green hue with a tinge of yellow will make any outfit pop! And if you’re feeling extra bold, why not wear it as an ombre hair color for a fun rainbow mix!


Which trendy colour are you most excited to wear? Tell us in the comments below!



With most of the world still in the middle of winter, it’s easy to forget that we aren’t. Trench coats, gloves, fleece jackets, these are just some of the things that we don’t have to wear this month. But while we can’t wear those warming pieces, Southeast Asia is still, in its own beautiful way, in “winter” mode — sweaters, ankle boots, and more!

Which is why it’s both surprising and amazing that for this week’s top OOTDs, our beauty community decided to forget all about the cool weather and looked forward to summer with their statement-making crop tops! So if you want some crop top-inspiration for your next look, keep reading below for the week's top outfits!




Combining office chic and casual, Clozette Ambassador iamaly’s outfit looks appropriate for daytime professional environments, as well as late night partying! Her sleek white blazer softly hangs over her chic crop top of the same colour, while her black leather shoes and ripped jeans pull the look together for a fashionable contrast of textures and finishes!



Clozette Ambassador christyfrisbee’s halter crop top and lightning-patterned midi skirt give her gorgeous look a dose of youthfulness! Pairing it with some black and white sneakers and a black backpack, her outfit is the epitome of a stylish yet comfortable look that can easily be turned up for the night!



If you’re lacking inspiration for your next night out look, then Clozette Ambassador axdelwen’s outfit will answer all your wishes! The sleek, fitted black top paired with a high-low skirt is a refreshing take on a typical nighttime outfit of a bandaged dress and heels combination! She finished off her look with a burst of red lipstick for a fun and classic statement!



Taking professional-meets-high-fashion to the next level, Clozette Ambassador Lecinlurve’s fun black and white ensemble will look great for any occasion you might have for any time of the day! Her simple black crop top and cropped pants are emphasised by her large white vest, gold jewellery, and metallic silver shoes!



Another black fitted crop top in the mix, Star Clozetter rhygnb’s take on it is more “summer flower child” than a daring night out look. Her mixture of materials, designs, and textures give this monochrome look a fun twist that will surely turn heads wherever and whenever!


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