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4 Ways To Wear Swimsuits In The City

For the mermaids within us

Swimsuits and summer go hand in hand. And if you're a certified beach babe, we bet that you have tons of swimsuits in different designs, colours and patterns. It's a shame that whenever summer ends, they seem to end up stowed in the back of your wardrobe. 

The good news is, with the right styling, you can use your beloved swimsuits for everyday wear. Whether it's for yoga or something casual, here are some ways to wear swimsuit in the city.

As A Yoga Outfit

What do yoga wear and swimsuits have in common? They're both cute and mostly made of spandex. If you have tank tops or halter swimsuits, you can wear them as a yoga top. Choose a swimsuit that can serve a dual purpose like Speedo's H2O active, which is made from 78% ECONYL® yarn, an innovative regenerated fibre that turns waste from fishing nets, manufacturing by-products and even carpet into first-grade nylon fabric. It's specifically designed for workouts both in and out of the water. Talk about getting your money's worth.

As A Body Suit

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No need spend extra bucks for a bodysuit because your trusty swimwear can serve as a great substitute. Just wear your favourite pair of shorts or flowy skirts to create that very girl-next-door casual look. Pink Salt's summer collection offers exquisite classic designs with a touch of modernity. The collection's simple and delicate designs in muted colours can be easily matched with everyday wear.

With High Waisted Jeans

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When in doubt, just go for jeans. The easiest way to style one-piece swimsuits into casual wear is by pairing it with high waist jeans. Choose an everyday footwear with heels like mules to give the look a classy touch. 

As A Crop Top

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Those cute sleeveless and off-shoulder swimsuit tops look great when worn as a crop top. Mix and match with different pieces to see which combo would look best together. Another bonus is you won't need to use a special bra for support since there's already padding in those swimmies.

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Now that your city fashion is on point, upgrade your city skincare routine, too!