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When you think of games, tests of speed, strength and agility usually come to mind — even if they're only virtual. In this era of wellness, however, we’d like to introduce some games that are calming, relaxing but not at all boring, to help soothe anxious minds and relieve the pressures of daily life. 

Neko Atsume 

Screenshot of Neko Atsume

For the cat lover, this is essentially a pocketful of pets you can take around with you. Neko Atsume is unique because these cats will only appear after you put out food and toys when you’re off the app. It’s always a surprise when you have time to check on them, and there are also rare cats that are extra cute to collect.

Tsuki Adventure 

Screenshot of Tsuki Adventure

This game is categorised as a passive role-playing game with you as Tsuki, a chubby bunny who has just moved to his grandpa’s village from the city. Interact with various characters and unlock secret items when you get their friendship level-ups. You’re also able to travel to two different areas with more updates on the way!

Travel Frog

Screenshot of Travel Frog

Also known as Tabikaeru, this Japanese game took over the Chinese mobile gaming scene by storm, generating forums, merchandise and a cult following. Play as an adventurous frog who collects photos of the places he visits with different item combinations he takes on the trip.


Screenshot of Desertopia

This tiny world is beautiful in both art and gameplay — build your own custom world with different terrains and record the different species that inhabit these areas. The game also requires you to log off for it to regenerate resources, much like real life, creating an awareness and appreciation for the world around us.

Tiny Pixel Farm

Screenshot of Tiny Pixel Farm

If you were a fan of Harvest Moon back in the PlayStation 1 era, you’re going to love this one. It’s a simplified version of the game, but the goals are similar — raise crops and animals to earn money, but the sale of produce continues even when you’re idle. There’s a surprise when you reach level 20, so you gotta play to find out.



End your week with a bang with the freshest news on the block. From Singapore Stories coming back for its second year to the Song-Song couple's divorce affecting South Korea's stocks, we sum up and spill all the deets in today's Insider Roundup. 

'Spotlight: Singapore Stories' Year 2

Spotlight: Singapore Stories, an initiative by the Textile and Fashion Federation (TaFF), is celebrating its second year this 30 July 2019 (Tuesday). With its aim to raise awareness and highlight works of Singaporean designers, it puts the focus on seven fashion creatives this 2019, bringing a much-anticipated capsule collection to the table. Here's a peek at what you can expect from this year's event. 


Cue in "Oh. My. God" in Janice's voice as TBS teased something brewing for FRIENDS fans this September. The beloved TV sitcom, which aired for a decade — from 1994 to 2004 — is celebrating its 25th anniversary a couple of months from now and by the looks of it, the Central Perk gang is in with the surprise. Are you excited?

The impact of the Song-Song divorce on stocks in South Korea

K-drama fans all over the world are still devastated about the Song-Song couple's divorce even after weeks of its initial announcement. But it seems like with the finality of the separation process, brands and agencies related to both halves of the Descendants of the Sun reel-to-real couple were also affected — both good and bad — with some after-effects.

It was reported that Studio Dragon, the agency in charge of Song Joong-ki's latest Netflix series, The Arthdal Chronicles, closed 1.29 percent lower the previous day when the divorce was announced. Blossom Media & Cosmetics, a subsidiary of Joong-ki's agency Blossom Entertainment, also suffered a 2.4 percent decline. On the upside, brands the former couple represent individually have been seeing an increase in their sales.

Jaclyn Hill returns to YouTube to talk more about her brand's lipstick controversy

A couple of months ago, fans of YouTuber and beauty influencer Jaclyn Hill expressed dismay and disgust over her latest lipstick line due to the presence of hair and other contaminants in almost every tube. Hill has then released an apology video disclosing the production details of her products, but many people still didn't buy her excuses.

Now, after a month of silence, she comes back to YouTube talking about her "failed launch." In summary, she committed to pouring more efforts in creating a new quality control team and system to avoid any more sanitary mishaps within her brand. 

Forever21 in hot water after sending diet bars to plus-sized customers

Fast-fashion brand Forever21 angered U.S. customers when orders for plus-sized pieces came in the mail with diet bars. The public immediately called out the action, saying that it's a step backwards from body positivity and might even trigger those with body dysmorphia and eating disorders.

In the brand's defence, they said that the inclusion of the product was promotional and was sent to online customers of all sizes as a free sample. Still, Forever21 apologised for the wrong message they might have sent to their consumers, pledging to rethink the repercussions of their actions as a fashion brand moving forward. 

(Cover photo from: @taff.sg)

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We dress according to our personality. Style is, after all, a form of self-expression. So we’re sure you have a wardrobe full of clothes that speak about your style. But do the contents of your lingerie drawer do the same? If your collection needs help, take this quick quiz to find out which lingerie style will suit your personality and lifestyle best.

What’s your favourite jean style?

A. A nice pair of skinny jeans.
B. A pair of sleek trousers for me, please.
C. Sorry, but I prefer dresses.
D. The one I can comfortably wear wherever and whenever I need.

What’s your signature lip colour?

A. Just a tinge of pink.
B. Red, darling.
C. Peachy, just peachy.
D. A shade that’s the same as my lips but makes them look better.

What’s your favourite season?

A. Summer
B. Winter
C. Fall
D. Spring

If you were to work in the film industry, which role would you take? 

A. Anything that lets me move around freely.
B. The director, of course.
C. The female lead in a romantic film, please.
D. Need a coordinator? That’s me.

Describe your go-to playlist?

A. Songs with beats that give me extra energy.
B. Serene tunes that allow me to focus.
C. A collection of ballads that just make you swoon.
D. Happy songs that give a positive vibe are right up my alley.

If you answered mostly As, you’re a Fit Femme.

As someone who loves running, working out, and just about any physical activity, you need undergarments that will not only be comfortable but give you the support you need. Triaction by Triumph is a great choice. The line offers bra fits for every shape. Plus, it’s bounce-control-certified by the world-renowned researchers for breast health in the University of Portsmouth, so you can move with protection and ease.

Under the Triaction line, there's the Cardio collection, which is perfect for women who do high-performance activities. It’s made to feel Dynamic Lite with 3D Powertech, which combines three different fabrics to ensure bounce control.

There’s also the Studio Collection, which is more apt for those who do low-intensity training and toning activities. Think of this collection as the marriage of style and function because it features Triumph’s award-winning soft-touch Magic Wire innovation, Magic Motion, that gives comfortable support in stylish designs.

If you answered mostly Bs, you’re a Lady Leader.

You’re in charge of many things — from your career to your family life — and you are undeniably strong. But you also know that you can’t do all these without the proper support — emotionally and sartorially. So make sure that underneath your go-to modern-day armour, there are trustworthy undergarments that give your form support.

Left: Comfort Touch; Right: Natural Embrace

Perfect for someone who’s tasked with so many things, the pieces from the Triumph Comfort Touch line provide maximum comfort, you won’t even remember you have them on. They have a bi-stretch cup that clings to the body seamlessly. They also have brushed straps and microfiber that offer ultimate comfort.

Meanwhile, the Triumph Natural Embrace line offers the same support but with the addition of flexible lace. So you get an extra boost of confidence aside from comfort. The pieces come in elegant black and nude colour combinations for understated chicness.

If you answered mostly Cs, you’re a Modern Romantic.

Ah, love. There’s nothing in the world you adore more. Spending time with your special someone is an enriching activity, and you make sure to always be dressed properly for it. But before you put on your favourite dress, make sure you have one of the pieces from the Triumph Aqua Lily collection on. Made with 50 per cent lighter Aqua padding, the bras give a natural lift while being lightweight and comfortable. Depending on the vibe you’re going for, you can choose from the Natural, Extra or Ultimate push up in the collection.

With its smooth cups, beautifully designed back and removable padding, the Natural bra gives off a subtle look. Meanwhile, the Extra features a deep V neckline that gives a nice push-up effect. It has flora-inspired embroidery, mesh sides and multi-colours. Ultimate takes cleavage to the maximum and creates an impactful look. Combining microfiber cups with soft magic wire and removable padding this bra gives both comfort and subtle seduction.

If you answered mostly Ds, you’re a Carefree Queen.

You’re a Jill of All Trades who loves to just be free. Cosy is your favourite word, and you make sure you have that down pat in every aspect of your life — especially your wardrobe. So the pieces from the Triumph Everyday Essential line are perfect for you.

Left: Everyday Essentials; Right: Everyday Romance

Made for every and any occasion, these T-Shirt bras have memory foam combined with a layer of soft foam for ultimate comfort. They also come in Wired and Non-Wired Push-Up varieties, so you’re free to choose based on your need. Plus, you have the liberty to choose from versatile colours: Black, Pink, Nude and Blue. The best part? They come with matching Frenchie or Hipster briefs. These will be your new staples.

If you want the same comfort but with a bit more sultriness, the pieces from the Triumph Everyday Romance are your best bet. With lightweight cups covered with microfibre, they’re breathable and extra comfortable — even during hot, humid days. Take your pick from soft mauve and pebble grey and pair it with matching hipster briefs.

Get the perfect lingerie style for you here.