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Comfortable, functional and stylish are how we can describe fitness wear in recent years. So it's not surprising that this sparked a trend of wearing fitness attire as part of daily outfits. If you're looking to wear more gym-appropriate clothing as often as you can, check out these brands for inspiration on how to upgrade your athleisure stash. 


Uniqlo is one of the more affordable brands that offer quality sports attire. They have a wide selection of athletic wear that ranges from sports bras to yoga pants. If you're into straightforward, clean-cut athleisure fashion, you should definitely check out a Uniqlo store near you.

Manuka Life 

The Manuka Life brand is known for its yoga mats, but its fitness wear also deserves some attention. One look at their Instagram account and you'll be hooked by their fabulous designs. 


We can argue that the athleisure trend started when women began wearing yoga pants outside the studio. If you're one of those who love comfy and fashionable yoga pants, Lululemon is your go-to brand!

Live The Process

This New York-based brand is more than just a brand selling athletic wear;  their blog will help you embody the 'fitness lifestyle' in a physical, emotional and intellectual level. Go beyond and deepen your practice.



We're all about spotting trends we can sport ourselves, and right now we're loving sunnies. With this heat, we can definitely use some protection. But we're not eyeing just about anything; we're on the lookout for the fun ones. Sunnies come in a lot of shapes, sizes and colours, and they make it oh so easy to elevate any type of outfit. Here are our current favourite picks.

Blue for you

(Photo from: JoyMarino)

Inspired by the hues of pristine seas, get yourself a pair of reflective sunglasses that's as cool as the waters.

Shine in silver

(Photo from: MaybellineSim)

A contrast to the warmth of the weather, wear a pair of shades in silver for that cool girl vibe.



Don’t let your geolocation stop you from donning an outfit inspired by Coachella. The carefree style of the festival is just perfect for the tropics. Going on a date soon? Read on as cleo.com.sg shares outfits you can take inspiration from.


Laid-back but ultra stylish, this crocheted top and maxi skirt combo is perfect for a casual brunch date with your boo.

Dove Cameron

Pairing a layered ruffle dress with boots gives the girly outfit a twist. Try this combo when you go out for dinner for a dressy-but-still-casual vibe.

Olivia Culpo

Olivia Culpo’s jumpsuit is all business at the front and sexiness on the sides. Wear the outfit to work with a jacket over or a shirt under it, then take them off for after-work drinks with your date.

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