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5 Bags For Different Personalities

To each her own

An outfit is not complete without a bag to match your overall look. Thinking of adding another piece to your bag collection? Check out these newly released bags and you just might find the perfect one that suits your personality.

Sophisticated Gal: Coach Dakotah Satchel (Fall 2017)

You live by the saying, "less is more." Your wardrobe consists of carefully selected pieces with neutral or muted colours. And in terms of lifestyle, you always make sure that everything in your home is neat and presentable. If you're going to buy a new bag, you'll prefer a classic-looking bag that will go well with most of your outfits. This Dakotah Satchel bag from Coach is the perfect choice for you. Its clean look will easily complement your wardrobe.

Pixie Dream Girl: Kate Spade Cameron Street Cactus Little Babe (Summer 2017)

You're whimsical, quirky and undeniably charming. Your optimistic view in life is reflected in your fashion choices. You're all about pops of colours, eccentric prints and fancy laces. We're betting that Kate Spade's Cameron Street Cactus Little Babe will be hard for you to resist. Its Frida Kahlo-inspired design is reminiscent of high summer, with its humming bird and carnation details. 

The Artistic Soul: Bao Bao Issey Miyake (Fall-Winter 2017)

You're always spotted wearing fashion-forward choices that seem to be fresh off an Avant-Garde designer's runway show. You know your choices are different from the average, and you own it. Add this Bao Bao Issey Miyake bag in your kooky collection. This one-of-a-kind bag can be 'sculpted' to whatever shape you like because of its triangular mesh design. This one's created for the creative minds.

Lady Boss: Repetto Moyen Arabesque in Cognac (Fall-Winter 2017)

Repetto Moyen Arabesque is a no-nonsense bag for a no-nonsense lady. Since you're a very busy gal, you'd prefer a low-maintenance bag that can fit all of your essentials but lightweight enough to lug around from meeting to meeting. Another bonus point for this bag is its sturdy build, so you can trust that it will be with you through thick and thin.

The Girly Girl: Coach Cherry Print Kisslock Satchel (Fall 2017)

You're very much in touch with your feminine side and you have a penchant for all things girly. One look at this Coach Kisslock Satchel in the adorable cherry print will make you swoon. You know that this will look perfect with that bright sundress you just bought or your trusty little black dress. 

(Cover photo from: cassansaurusanaesi)

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