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5 Beauty Brands With The Chicest Minimalist Packaging

Simple but slayin'

Be honest: how many times did you buy a beauty product because of its packaging? We're guessing you've done it more than once. Beauty companies have become really good at adapting trends and constantly innovating not just their products but also their packaging. For those of you who like the crisp, clean look, check out these five beauty brands that are totally winning in the minimalist packaging game.

The Ordinary

The Ordinary prides itself with providing products with "integrity in its most humble and true form." Their philosophy is very much reflected in their packaging. Their black and white labels are straightforward — no fuss, just pure skincare goodness.


Most Korean beauty brands are known for their uber cute packaging (macaron lip balms, anyone?), but Laneige maintained a sleek design while still utilising some pops of colour from time to time. Laneige products prove that you can have minimalist design even with a bright colour scheme.


Glossier believes that skincare and makeup should be fun and easy, and this is embodied in their packaging. The combination of muted pastel colours plus a creamy san serif font is uncomplicated yet remarkable. As of now, this brand only ships to United States and Puerto Rico, but let's keep our hopes up their products reach our shores soon.

Milk Makeup

Best case scenario: we wake up in the morning with enough time to go through our skincare routine and eat a hearty breakfast right after. But not all days can be counted as "best" and on mornings where we're in a rush, multi-tasking beauty products make it a little bit easier. Milk Makeup's simple packaging is designed with these mornings in mind. Their multi-use products help you have a quick and easy application even when you're on the go.  


Although they have released cutesy, non-minimalist packaging recently, innisfree is still well-know for its nature-inspired and environmental-friendly packaging. Their skincare cartons and bottles are all recyclable, and soy ink is used for the labels as part of their campaign to contribute in reducing carbon emission. 

(Cover photo from: @glossier)

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