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5 Beauty Products You Can Share With Your Man

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It used to be taboo for men to use and wear beauty products — because apparently, using it would make them feel like less of a man. Luckily, the beauty industry has broadened its horizons and men are now encouraged to be a part of it, too (yay, inclusivity!). 

That is why if your bae is looking to get into using beauty products on a daily basis, all he has to do is try out a few of yours. What are those? Keep scrolling as we list down the five beauty products you can gladly share with your man.



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Men produce oil on their skin too, and they acquire dirt and pollution in their pores just like us. So don’t hesitate to let him use your cleanser morning and night so he can give his complexion a gentle cleanse as you do on yourself.

Face Mask

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Not only will sharing a face mask make an excellent photo that’s worth sharing, but you can turn it into a moment for you to reconnect with each other. After all, you’ll have 15 to 20 minutes to spare while you wait for the mask to work its magic!



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Protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays is crucial so why not let your boyfriend or hubby benefit from that protection too by sharing your sunblock with him? Just remember that the SPF must be at least 30 and both of you should re-apply it every few hours.

Facial Mist

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If you both have dry skin, why not opt to share a face mist instead of buying two separate ones? Not only will you both save a bit of cash, but you’ll both be able to experience the refreshing treat together.


Hand cream

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You can tell a woman’s real age through her hands, and the same goes for men. So go ahead and make holding hands a little more fun (and smoother) by getting him into the habit of using your hand cream on a daily basis. We promise he'll instantly love its buttery and light texture.


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