5 Beauty Trends That We Love To Look At But Won't Really Try

There's something about 2016 that spurred a lot of outrageously fantastic trends that continuously please our aesthetics. From everything galaxy to rainbows galore, who would've thought that our childhood fantasies of playing princess and unicorns would unfold right before our eyes?

But as much as we want to embrace every single one of these trends that our 6-year-old self would probably try out with no hesitation, some of these trends are easier to look at than to try out.

So if you're one of us who's contented with letting the brave ones take on the beauty industry's amazingly bold trends, sit back and relax as we recap the beauty looks we love to feast our eyes on but may never try.


Unicorn hair

(photo from Instagram/@stevievincenthairartistry)

We absolutely love the creativity that comes with the idea of unicorn hair. But we have to admit that it can be a little high maintenance and some of us just don't have that kind of luxury. Bleaching and dyeing your hair with this amount of colour takes a lot bravery and effort that not all of us can keep up with. Still, we have to admit that every time we see someone who has the confidence and the patience to pull off this trend, our inner-unicorn princess loving self can't help but turn green with envy. 

Glitter roots

If we decide to opt out of the unicorn hair trend because it's high maintenance, this trend is supposed to be the "low maintenance" version of it. We all know how expensive hair dye touch ups can be and this glimmering alternative that aims to cover up your roots is undeniably pretty. But still, it can be a whole lot messy and a little too hard to wash off. So we're loving the glam, but we'll leave it to the glitterbugs. 

Gold lips

(photo from Instagram/@bs_fom_cosmetics)

Ever since Kylie Jenner made metal mattes a major beauty trend, it was everywhere! From brands coming up with their own metal matte line to DIY hacks that aims to achieve this specific lippie finish, we can't help but be in awe of the glamorous vibe it gives off. But gold is not exactly the most wearable colour. 

Plus, high-end or not, liquid lipsticks need constant looking after to avoid flaking after hours of wear. So a gold lip may be great for taking photos but we can't afford gold flecks all over our teeth as we party all night. We'll probably brush up on our liquid lippie skills first and maybe someday we'll try this out-- emphasis on the MAYBE.

Galaxy face
A Snapchat-filter that came to life, it's no wonder why this beauty trend became such a huge thing! With pastels and stars in mind, we can't help but scroll endlessly on the IG tag dedicated to this hipster-inspired trend. But as pretty as this look might be, not everyone has the time and effort to achieve this painting-like finish. So again, thanks, but we'll just keep on looking!

Rainbow brows
Some of us still can't get shaping and filling in right and now you're telling us that we have to blend in various colours in the mix too? It's one thing to get your brows on fleek, but it's a whole new business to have it in rainbow colours. Just like the other trends that made this list, this beauty look may be #goals, but it's not for everyone. So we'll keep on practicing with our brow pomades for now and we'll let the experts live on the rainbow dream. 


Did we miss your favourite "look-but-not-try" beauty trend? Share them with us in the comments below!