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Did you know that aside from keeping your scalp and tresses clean, using dry shampoo also comes with other benefits? Read on as cleo.com.sg shares tips on how to maximise the use of your favourite dry shampoo.

Hold your hair pins in place

(Photo from: SmitaDeSouza)

If hairspray is not your thing, go for dry shampoo to keep your hair pins in place. Pin your hair and spray on dry shampoo, or apply the dry shampoo first before you pin – either way, they are going to stay in place.

Keep your fringe from sticking to your face

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It can be quite a hassle maintaining a fringe when you live in a country that’s so humid. Oil and sweat can make your fringe limp and greasy. Stop your fringe from sticking to your face by spraying on some dry shampoo. Let the product dry for a minute then brush it out.

Texturise your hair

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If your hair needs a bit of texture but you don’t want to be bothered by the stickiness of mousse, reach out for dry shampoo instead. Spray the product in the middle part of your hair, let it sit for a minute, then scrunch up your hair for instant texture.

(Cover photo from: SmitaDeSouza)

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It's truly impractical to use makeup if you're just going to sweat it off during a workout. Thankfully, we have these budge-proof makeup options so we can look like a beauty while training like a beast. From foundations to brow products, here are your best beauty bets when you hit the gym. 

Etude House Double Lasting Foundation

Foundations can usually be too heavy for the gym but the Etude House Double Lasting Foundation has a very lightweight formula — you'll feel like it's your second skin. Dab a few drops on your skin and blend thoroughly for a smooth finish. You can trust that after all the sweating, this foundation still has you covered.

Peri Pera Ink Velvet

(Photo from: rainfaith)

At first swipe, these tints feel like a velvety lippie that can easily be rubbed off from your lips. You'll be pleasantly surprised that the stain it leaves on your lips is very tenacious and can survive lunch time and three rounds of snacks. With that track record, it's gonna be no wonder that it will be your best budge-proof lippie for the gym.

Pink Sugar's Honey I'm Good Gel Fills

Of course, eyebrows should be on fleek! These eyebrow mascaras from Pink Sugar will make sure that your brows will look gorgeous and selfie-ready even after 5 sets of squats. 

Clio Kill Black Pen Liner

If you're the kind of gal who can't live without eyeliner then this pen liner from Clio is a must-have for you. Unlike other eyeliners that would easily flake off after a few sweats, this one will stay in place for the whole duration of your workout.

Benefit Lip and Cheek Tints

If you want to have a little healthy flush for the gym, go for tints. Why? If you use powder, it will be quickly eaten up by the heavy sweating. It's also a bad idea to use cream or mousse formula as it will pile on your skin along with your sweat and natural oils — recipe for a major breakout. So remember, tints all the way!  

(Cover photo from: Mgrazielle)

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Forget the man cave. A lady needs her woman cave too. We paid a visit to Singaporean beauty influencer and Clozette Ambassador Leanne Ho's bona fide woman cave, and explored her tastefully organised (and Instagram-worthy!) vanity space made up of endless skincare and makeup collections. Watch how Leanne pretties up her beauty room with personal touches she call her own.

You've seen her artfully curated beauty flatlays on her Instagram feed, but have you seen her beauty room? P.S. don't say we didn't warn you: be prepared to be blown away, beauty junkies.