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A girl can never go out of the house without her MOTD's essentials: brows, lips, and blush--the latter one being the most important factor in making any beauty girl look more radiant and flushed. So don't just stick to one blush colour for the whole year, stock up on essential blush shades that fit every season. 

Here are 5 blusher must-haves for your makeup kit!


Rosy Pink

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To get that perfectly flushed look every time, the best one to use is your rosy pink blush. It gives that subtle, healthy glow for a natural feel. This the best choice for your "no makeup" makeup looks and is even great paired with a dramatic eye or lip.

Bright Pink

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For an intensified cheek colour to really brighten up your face, a bright pink blush is the one for you. With this shade, you can opt for a light (but bright) coverage or build it up for an intense blush. It all depends on your mood and they way you handle the brush.   


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Peach blushes are also shades that you can use for that "no makeup" makeup look, but with a touch of summer glow. Its coral undertone complements the apples of your cheeks and works best with a neutral palette. You can even play around with shimmery golds, metallic bronzes, and bold browns to contrast everything. 


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Plums and darker pink shades are well suited for the cooler months of the year, easily complementing the Fall/Winter colour palette. It also has that romantic edge to them, making them ideal for evening occasions.

Golden Glow

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To show off your glamorous side, bronze and golden shades are your best bets. They give a delicate trace of golden pigment for a glimmering MOTD. It also functions as a highlighter that can be put under your brow bone and on the bridge of your nose for a hint of sparkle!



When it comes to beauty brands, there are a number of names that quickly come to mind, dominating majority of our beauty cabinets. From MAC, L'oreal, NARS, Benefit, Revlon, Maybelline, Bobbi Brown...the list goes on. They're all familiar names, and we're certain almost every beauty lover out there has at least one favourite product from each major brand mentioned. 

But how about the brands that have remained more or less under the radar but have maintained a cult following who are loyal to their quality and affordability? So after looking through our beauty shelves, we're putting the spotlight on 5 underrated beauty brands that we think deserve more hype.


Dolly Wink

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Dolly Wink is known for its range of eye products such as their much-hyped mascara, liquid eyeliner, and false lashes. This brand has been around for a while, slowly developing a cult following around the region amongst beauty girls looking to create that wide-eyed, doll-eyed effect. Fun Fact: Dolly Wink's parent company KOJI is known as Japan's false eyelash pioneer, being the first company to manufacture and sell false eyelashes. That explains the wonders of their eye makeup range.

ColourPop Cosmetics

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ColourPop shadows and lippie stix have been making quite a stir in the beauty community lately. Their shadows are lauded for being creamy, pigmented, and blendable; while their lippie stix stays comfortable on the lips with amazing colour payoff. Best thing about this brand: it's very affordable. Both the shadows and lippie stix retail for US$5 each.


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Canmake is another Japanese cosmetics company and has been around for over 30 years, developing a following amongst beauty girls who value it for its quality, cute packaging, and affordability. If you've yet to try anything from the brand, we recommend their blushes, liquid foundation, and eyeliners.

Snoe Beauty

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Snoe Beauty is a cosmetics brand from the Philippines that carries a variety of items from makeup, skincare, hair, and even bath and body products. From its quirky packaging to interesting formulations (note their makeup setting spray with bee venom), this is definitely a homegrown brand to keep your eye on.

Essence Cosmetics

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Essence Cosmetics is a brand from Germany that is gaining traction around the region as beauty girls swoon over their blushes, highlighters, and lipsticks. While their packaging may be simple and really nothing to hype over, it's the quality of their products that have impressed most. Their blushes are easy blend and their lipsticks (particularly creamy nude lippie) have even won beauty awards.



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Do you always find yourself going to the nail section of the beauty store and not knowing which nail colours to buy? Don't fret! Refer to this starter kit guide of the must-have nail colours--starting from the neutral shades up to the shinning, shimmering ones.

As long as you have these basic colours in your nail polish collection, you're on-point to completing every look.


Something Classy

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When it comes to choosing your nail polish colour, you should always think about whether it would match your look or not. The best colours are those that have been tried and tested through time--red and neutral shades such as cream white, beige, and nude. You can even go for salmon and peach colours for a dainty feel. They go well for both your everyday looks and glam events!

Dark and Edgy

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Dark shades such as velvet black, maroon, grey, and dark blue are shades perfect for parties and girls' night-outs. It's also a way to make a statement with your nails as they look edgier compared to other shades. 

Shiny And Sparkly

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For the whimsical, fun, and adventurous days, a sparkly nail colour is what you need. It looks sweet and dainty over a pink or purple base coat, while a darker base coat amps it up for an edgier shimmery look. You can even try a colourless shimmery nail laquer on its own for a subtle, glamorous feel!

Bright And Loud

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For a happy and loud statement, go for bright, bold, and neon colours. It may have to take some guts to wear this off-season; but since it's still trending, these colours are definitely in! You can also match this with your retro looks or wear it to add a pop of colour to your monochrome outfit.