5 Butterfly Tattoo Designs For Inspo For Your First Ink

Whimsical, fluttery ink

Thinking of getting your first tattoo? A classic popular design is a butterfly. The fast flutter of its delicate wings is captured when this whimsical creature is immortalised through ink. But that’s not to say that there’s only one boring way butterfly tattoos can be done. Tattoo artists have different styles — some are pros at linear art while others use colour in ways that take your breath away. If you've decided to go for this look for your first, here are some butterfly tattoo designs to serve as inspiration.

For the traditionalist

To start off, here’s a simple butterfly tattoo design that’s done in black ink. The tattoo artist added dimension through artful shading, adding a touch of realism to the pair of butterflies. Its simplicity would appeal to first-timers since it wouldn’t be too eye-grabbing or obvious.

For the dainty lady

If you want to ease into tattoos, then perhaps this dainty design would appeal to you. Small yet immensely detailed, the very feminine tattoo is completed by the flowers and petals that seem to be blown away by a gentle breeze. To make it your own, have the tattoo artist use your favourite flower and colours.

For the minimalist

To match your minimalist taste, this line art butterfly design ditches the colour and focuses on the butterfly’s outline and wing veins. The thin, crisp lines add a touch of whimsey to this tattoo that any girl can appreciate.

For the free spirit

But for those who prefer to go with the flow, the unfinished aesthetic and loopy curves of this tattoo design will hold a certain appeal. The more abstract art captures the essence of a butterfly’s life: free and unrestrained. 

For the artistic soul

Finally, here’s a butterfly tattoo for those who live and breathe colour. This mariposa was inked in vivid and vibrant hues reminiscent of the varying colours of real-life butterflies. The bright burst of colours on your skin will bring a smile to your face every day.

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