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5 Denim Pieces To Add To Your Wardrobe

(cover photo from jouatotherescue)

Aside from your red lipstick and black pumps, your pair of denim pants is another wardrobe must-have. It all started back in the 1870's when two countries from Europe introduced two fabrics that are of similar looks. The one from Genoa, Italy was of medium quality and reasonably priced, while the one from and Nimes, France was of higher quality as it was made from fine twill fabric found in their country. Thus, it was referred to as the fabric "from Nimes" or "de Nimes" in Italian; and for short, we now call it "Denim". 

Aside for the usual denim pants and shorts, what are the other denim pieces that can make our wardrobe more exciting? Here's a list for you to (shop and) find out! 


Denim Shift Dress

(photo from xaereeia)

The shift dress must be the most flattering dress there is in the whole fashion world. It hangs loose (but not too loose) from the chest down. It's simple, casual-chic, and getting one in denim would make it a whole lot easier you to compose no-fuss looks on lazy days.  

Denim Polo

(photo from charleneajose)

Your denim (or Chambray) polo is just as vital as your white polo. It's as versatile and as put-together as the white polo. It can go from casual to dressy with a bit of styling and can do wonders to your usual look. 

Denim Overalls

(photo from jouatotherescue)

The magic of the romper applies to denim jumpsuits as well, but it has more of a boyish flavour to it. You may look a bit childish if you don't carry it well, but if you pair it with the right top and shoes, you're good to go. 

Denim Jacket

(photo from ChingSadaya)

The Denim jacket isn't just for the badass in town, it's also for the fashionista with an edgy style. Go the extra mile and wear denim jackets instead of blazers and sweatshirts for an ultimate casual-chic statement. 

Denim Skirt

(photo from axdelwen)

Whoever said denim can't be feminine must have never met the perfect denim skirt. For your first buy, opt for an a-line silhouette for a no-fail girly touch to your look. Pair with a polo for a retro vibe or a cropped top for a chic casual look. 

What will you be buying next? Let us know in the comments below!