5 Designers To Watch Out For This KLFW | Clozette

Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week will be happening once again this year from 12th to 16th of August 2015 at the Centercourt of Pavilion Shopping Center in Malaysia. The Runway Collection 2015 will feature never before seen runway-worthy looks from 80+ Designers which will be shown exclusively during the the event. 

There will be an impressive line-up of up-and-coming and veteran designers from Malaysia and other parts of the world--including, of course, numerous promising homegrown labels such as Line 32 by Yvonne Lim, and Andy Bandy. Brands such as My Apparel Zoo by Ellie E. Norman, Eclipse, and Soonaru will also be there to grace the crowd with their craft. 

However, we are more excited to see what these 5 designers are up to. Read on to see which designers we've got our eye on!


Ezzati Amira

(photo from Ezzati Amira)

Ezzati Amira is a Malaysian womenswear designer that finds her inspiration and story lines from the modern woman whose take on life is bold and fearless. She creates her pieces with crucial understanding and detail to complement every woman’s wardrobe. It's no wonder that she is considered every woman's dream designer and a must-see show in KLFW. 

Nurita Harith

(photo from Nurita Harith)

Nurita Harith has a knack for using interesting silhouettes to define her own style in the fashion industry. Her background as a fine arts major certainly helped her in developing her own individual style and sense of creation. Now, her creative vision moves forward with new collaborations and designs for KLFW this year. 

Jonathan Liang

(photo from jonathan-liang)

Founded in 2012, Jonathan Liang provides the modern woman with adaptable provocative yet combatively feminine prêt-a-porter collections that are intimate, lustrous, and effortless. The Paris-based designer continues to maintain his mission of juxtaposing the world of dreams with daily life in inspirational designs, quality fabrics, and impeccable workmanship. 

Moto Guo 

(photo from Moto Guo)

Moto Guo is a menswear designer with creations that speak for itself. His debut and graduation collection, “Out Like A Light,” featured an assortment of designs that are tell-tale signs of his identity--wacky yet dexterous. There is without a doubt that his work is one that will propel menswear to higher and ecstatic designs.

Man Chien

(photo from themalaymailonline)

Subversive and cerebral designer Man Chien will also be making her first appearance at the KLFW this year. Her designs have caught the eye of most designers as she has deconstructed classic paintings and reinterpreted them on fabric. We can't wait to see her whimsical pieces!



(photo by HLRYYS)

Being a Clozette Ambassador takes passion and hard work to a whole new level. It also comes with a great responsibility to represent Clozette properly when they're working with brands and going to events. As such, Clozetters aspire to be one.

To help you reach your Clozetter goals, here are a few traits you can pick up from the other ambassadors!


She's Consistent

(photo loveforskincare)

You know the drill, you can either upload directly to the Clozette Website or use the #Clozette hashtag when you upload something on Instagram and it will upload itself to the Clozette Community. To be honest, it's just a piece of cake, and the Ambassadors who know the demands of their followers make sure that they always have something new to show them daily. Consistently uploading gives your followers something to look forward to, making them more engaged to you and your content.

She's Original

(photo by HLRYYS)

Anyone can be called a fashionista or a beauty junkie, but if her content is the same as everyone else's then she won't standout. Making an impact requires creativity and being a Clozette Ambassador is the same. It demands creativity, so make sure you put your artsy-self on when taking your photos and writing your captions so people like or comment on your photo!  

She Puts Her Best Foot Forward

(photo by fayebalogo)

In line with the second point, how will you show your creative flat lays and well-posed OOTD shots if the images are not of good quality? Blurry shots, bad lighting, and uneven framing (unless it's part of your aesthetic) are not good to look at and might make a few Clozetters hit "unfollow" if they see that you're not putting your best foot forward. 

She Inspires

(photo by GraceMyu)

Being an inspiration is not something done overnight. You have to combine all the traits and really work hard to be at your best all the time. It's also about being a better version of yourself every single day! If they see you progress through life, inspiring others with your style or beauty know-how, they will certainly keep checking your blog, instagram, or clozette profile for your latest updates.



(cover photo from hannatantoco)

Getting ready is a must, and it all starts with the things we put inside our bags. We girls cannot live a day without the things we need, especially if it involves the things we need for our jobs. 

In order to get you ready to go to work, here are 5 must-haves to put inside your workbag!


#1: Essentials

(cover photo from loveforskincare)

Imagine going out the door and forgetting your wallet, phone, and keys? We can never stand a day without all our essentials. These things connect us to our workmates and clients, let us pay our taxi rides, and open doors. Forgetting these things is like forgetting your breakfast. You need both of 'em!

#2: Laptop

(photo from CelineChiam)

A great majority of our work, especially if you work online, is spent on sending emails, research, writing, and such. A laptop is essential to get our work done quickly and finish it just in time. It's also handy and has a bigger screen compared to our phones for easy browsing and typing. 

#3: Planner

(photo from fayebalogo)

You may have our calendars and apps on our phones but studies show that writing things down is more effective in remembering things--especially your schedules. For work, it's vital to have a planner to help you organize things ahead. It also takes down every single thought in our minds for our goals and inspirations. Plus, it does not have to look plain and boring, you can customize our planners however you want it! 

#4: Makeup Kit

(photo from Viviannvee)

To look presentable to our clients during work and for touh-ups throughout the day, we need our makeup kit. Our make-up kits should have all the eyeshadows, blush-ons, and brushes for our work #MOTD. That way, we can look like we haven't been stressing all-out and blooming as ever!

#5: Tumbler

(photo from AshleyYeen)

Finally, we should never forget that we need our daily source of strength in the morning--coffee! Coffee keep us wide awake (and sane) for those day's we need an extra push to do our tasks. So for those days at work when you need a cup on-the-go, you'll have your handy tumbler with you to put your coffee in!