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5 Fashion Don'ts

Ambassador Insider, cforcassan, lets us in on the 5 fashion don'ts to stop doing right now. Are you guilty of any of these?

I won't say that there are rules when it comes to fashion. Who says there's anything wrong with wearing tights as pants or see-through bottoms? You mean there's a fashion police roaming round town, catching anyone who does so? 

But my dear fashion lovers, there is though, a thin line when it comes to knowing what fits you well, and when what you are wearing is garnering too much unwanted attention. Here are some of the, well.... Fashion Don'ts that you might want to avoid the next time you are pulling your hair out, trying to figure out what to wear.


1) (Too) Short Bodycon Dresses

When dressing up, comfort comes into play as well. There's nothing glamorous about wearing really short dresses and having to fuss over accidentally exposing yourself! Why go through all the trouble just to look good? But if need be, you can always wear a pair of tights under it.
2) Really Short Shorts

Wearing short shorts, to the point that your butt cheeks are hanging out is not cool. Choosing a pair of shorts that fit you well is crucial as a wrong fit might accentuate the wrong areas of your thighs, giving you an unflattering silhouette!
3) Over Accessorizing

If done right, accessorizing can make an ordinary outfit look extraordinary. However, adding to many of them might just make the outfit look messy and cluttered. Pick one accessory as the main focus of your outfit and complement it with small, well-placed accessories if need be---such as a sweet pair of earrings to go along with a statement necklace.
4) Lingerie Choices

Ever walked out of the house only to realize that you are wearing the wrong colour lingerie under your partially sheer bottoms? Well I have. Now, I make it a point to double check before I leave the house before I commit such an embarrassing mistake again!
5) The Wrong Fit

Like they say: just because it zips, doesn't mean it fits. As much as you want to dress well, wearing clothes that do not fit just results in non-stop fidgeting and being constantly self-conscious of how you look. Trust me girls, you can ditch all these insecurities when you choose the right pieces for your body.

What are your Fashion Don'ts?

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