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5 Fitness IG Accounts You Should Be Following

Inspiration is the best motivation

We're all too familiar with the benefits of exercise and yet, this is not enough to motivate us into starting a fitness routine. The idea of working out everyday can seem like a drag but with constant inspiration, you'll find yourself taking that first step to a healthier you. Add a little kick of fitspo to your Instagram feed by following the right people. Let's get this started! 


With over 3 million subscribers, the blogilates Youtube channel is one of the biggest sources of fitspiration on the internet. The woman behind the channel, Casey Ho, has an undeniable charm and enthusiasm that will unleash the energy within us to do those squats and leg lunges. Follow her on IG for updates on workout routines for every body. 


For beginners, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of seeing experienced yogis do those unbelievable yoga positions with their superb flexibility. If you plan to start your journey in yoga, it’s best to set goals that will keep you going in the long run. @hanadoesyoga will you give you plenty of yoga #goals and tips on how to achieve it!


Fitness isn’t just about exercising; you also have to watch what you eat. While it’s tempting to treat yourself to a juicy burger after an exhausting workout, it’s counterproductive and can even result to gaining more weight. You don’t want to lose your progress, right? Follow @livegreenhealthy for easy, healthy recipes to complement your exercise.


If you prefer water sports, then you’ll love @elaineabonal’s Instagram! It’s filled with photos from her surfing adventures and motivational quotes to conquer the waves. If you’re thinking of trying surfing this summer, definitely check out her IG feed for tips and recommendations.


Let’s be honest, having a cute workout ensemble makes us more motivated to exercise. You’ll find the best fitness fashion inspiration at Lulu Lemon’s Instagram account where they feature the latest trends and innovations. 

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Now that you've got some inspiration, it's time to bust out those moves. Start with these easy workout moves to kickstart your fitness journey.