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Look Ma, Clean Hands: 5 Floral-Scented Hand Sanitisers We’re Loving ATM

A must-have in this new normal

Mobile phone, check. Cash and cards, check. Face mask and hand sanitiser? Double-check. When it comes to beauty and personal care essentials in the new normal, hand sanitisers are non-negotiable as they help us to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others especially when we’re out and about.

That being said, these aren’t substitutes for soap and water, so make a mental note to always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water whenever you can. If you’re always pressed for time, though, and need something to always have in your purse for a quick cleanse, ahead are five floral-scented picks to add to cart.

Aesop Geranium Rinse-Free Hand Wash

Aesop Geranium Leaf Rinse-Free Hand Wash

From SGD13/~USD9 for 50ML (Photos from:

Luxe minimalist lovers, this one’s for you. Aesop’s extensive range of high-quality skin, hair and body care products includes the Geranium Leaf Rinse-Free Hand Wash, which helps you clean your hands effectively without the need for water. Plus, it’s also made with purifying and hydrating properties so that your skin feels smooth and hydrated even with frequent use.

The aromatic, alcohol-based product comes in two sizes — a 50ML version for you to pop into your tiny purses and a 500ML version for you to dress up your vanity or bathroom with. Expect a citrusy, fresh-smelling scent since its key ingredients include geranium leaf, mandarin rind and bergamot rind.

Ange Gardien Paris “Louise” Le Soin Hand Sanitiser

Ange Gardien Paris Le Soin Hand Sanitisers

SGD8/~USD6 for 30ML (Photos from:

Next on the list is Ange Garden Paris’ newly launched range of Le Soin hand sanitisers, which are available in five distinct scents and named after history’s most famous royals. These no-rinse hand sanitisers contain 75% alcohol content to help eliminate germs. Plus, they are also formulated with aloe vera extract to soothe and nourish the skin. Our top pick is the Louise variant (pictured above), which contains notes of bergamot, pomegranate, magnolia and lotus flower.

blk scents “Lily” K-Beauty Hand Detox

blk Scents Hand Detox Spray

PHP149/~USD3 (Photos from:

With its tagline being “Uncomplicated Beauty”, Philippine-based beauty label blk cosmetics offers plenty of affordable, Insta-worthy products for us to choose from — whether it’s a fun and fresh gel tint or a fool-proof colour stick. Beyond these makeup must-haves, blk cosmetics also carries two floral-scented hand “detox” sanitisers too.

Containing fragrance floral notes of fresh lily, wisteria and red peony, their hand sanitisers boast a 70% alcohol formula and are packed with hydrating ingredients such as Vitamin E to keep your hands clean and moisturised as well.

Skin Inc Refresh & Nourish Hand Serum Duo

Skin Inc Dual Pump Sanitiser and Serum

SGD35/~USD26 for 30ML (Photos from:

You can always count on Skin Inc to deliver the most cutting-edge skincare solutions, given how the Singapore-based brand has been awarded over 100 accolades for its thoughtful, “one-size-fits-me” approach towards beauty. The brand has devised its “world’s first” Dual Pump Sanitiser and Serum, which features one half of the bottle dispensing a soothing hand serum and the other dispensing a hand sanitiser gel.

The hand serum boasts a lavender scent and is formulated with ceramides, hyaluronic acid and other skin-loving ingredients to keep hands smooth and hydrated. As for the hand sanitiser, it contains 65% alcohol along with a blend of eight plant extracts to reduce the drying effects of the alcohol.

The Verdant Lab Lavender Hand Sanitiser

The Verdant Lab Lavender Hand Sanitiser

From SGD26/~USD19 for 250ML (Photos from:

Capping off this list is The Verdant Lab’s Lavender Hand Sanitiser, which not only effectively kills germs, but makes you feel calmer and more relaxed with its lavender scent as well. The Singaporean brand’s no-frills packaging reflects its minimal ingredient list too; it contains only 75% isopropyl alcohol, aqua, glycerin and 100% lavender essential oil. In a bid to reduce unnecessary waste, the brand’s hand sanitisers are available in 500ML and 1L refill packs as well.

What other new normal beauty essentials do you carry in your purse?

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