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It’s always a challenge to get dad to use the anti-ageing skincare products you gave him or even use those gift certificates to your favourite spa for a facial. But what he won’t turn down for certain is a good fragrance. This Father’s Day, consider gifting him a unique scent that will truly bring out his charm.


Gucci Made To Measure

This is well suited to a man with refined tastes who knows how to enjoy luxury. It features accords of Calabrian bergamot in the top notes, Sri Lankan nutmeg at the heart and labdanum in the base notes for a truly opulent fragrance.

Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss

A timeless and elegant scent like this is perfect for everyday wear. Its aroma is fresh and sharp with a warm woody base, balanced with a floral and spicy heart dominated by pelargonium, warm cinnamon and cloves.

Dolce & Gabbana The One For Men

A sophisticated, masculine scent that smells warm and comforting. The fragrance opens with fresh notes of bergamot, coriander and basil and closes with a base of cedar, ambergris and tobacco.

Kenneth Cole Mankind

The Renaissance man who knows how to look good and do good will want a fragrance that can match his fast-paced and go-getting lifestyle. Give him this fragrance that features elements of cardamom, tarragon leaf, ginger and pineapple that make for an energetic concoction he’ll surely love.

Giorgio Armani Armani Code

After winning the Fragrance of the Year - Men’s Luxe at the FiFi Award in 2006, this scent has become a classic. Its top notes are made of bergamot and lemon; middle notes are star anise, olive blossom and guaiac wood; base notes consist of leather, tobacco and tonka bean – all in all making a truly unforgettable fragrance.



(cover photo from Lexiepuzon)

Memories are the best thing that we can take with us when we grow up. They remind us of our youth, worthwhile moments, and a worthwhile piece of time that we can never get back. That's why Summer is full of things that make our memories worthwhile. 

Let's take a look at how our free-spirited Clozette Ambassador Lexie Puzon makes new memories this season! 


What do you love most about summer?

First of all, a year without summer is like a week without Friday, pepperoni pizza without the pepperoni, and lastly it's like a road trip without the music & singing endlessly. What's the point? Exactly. What I love about summer is it wraps you around like a good ol' sweater. This is the time of your life that you can be as free as a bird, go adventures wherever you want and not think about the deadlines. It is the time where the sun is out and it's time to get tan and bask under the sun all day. It's where you make the most of your break and live your life to the fullest and check off those things you've been itching to do!

How was your recent trip to Baler different from your other travels?

My recent trip in Baler was pretty amazing. It's different from my out-of-the-country trips because our country is known for it's beautiful islands that we can call ours. I realized the beauty of our The Philippines and how we should be proud of it. It was different because I was just not on a vacation, but I was also seeing the kind of life they have there (all thanks to my sister who lived there for a month) It's the one trip I keep close to my heart.

Do you have a particular go-to summer outfit or makeup look? 

My go-to-summer outfits would be anything crocheted, off-shoulder tops, tropical prints, and Birkenstocks. I love this look because you can never go wrong with it! It instantly gives you that stylish, refreshing summer look. It also gives that bohemian vibe that I love. The pop of tropical colors and the coolness it gives to our eyes definitely seeks attention without being intimidating, and the daintiness of the color creates this approachable and positive vibe all around you. All you need is to find the most flattering cut for your body and you're good to go. 

As for the makeup, I would go for light and effortless look by using my Max factor BB cream 3 in 1 foundation. It's a foundation, sunscreen and foundation all in one. Then a lip gloss to keep the whole look refreshing that will definitely go with my sunkissed skin.

What was your most memorable summer trip and activity? 

The most memorable activity would be riding a japanese bike by the bay in Baler. Mainly because it was my first time to experience such a view. My view was by the ocean while seeing the sun set with the air going through my spine. It's an experience that I want to savor. 

Other than travelling what are the other things you do to make new memories this season?

Normally, I go to more humble coffee shops that are waiting to get discovered and blogged about it. Also, I find adventures within the city such as museums, festivals, and concerts.

What makes you excited about travelling? 

What excites about travelling is wandering around and finding pieces of myself along the way. But the best thing is the feeling of fulfillment.

Do you have any tips to share for our Clozette girls who'd like to maximize their summer and make new memories?

My advice would be, for every adventure is an opportunity to unravel the great unknown--don't hesitate to grab it. As the saying goes "You'll never know if you'll never try". And after a while, the sun will set again and rise, and each time it does we just learn to admire its beauty--just like our tanlines and sunburns that will eventually fade. Summer is just like that when the waves touch our toes by the shore, they leave footprints in the sand. That's how you should remember every summer adventure.



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Despite their busy schedules, female K-pop idols never seem to stop shining with their glamorous outfits and beautiful skin. Their unwavering beauty tip? Pore care! Long hours at work, lack of sleep, and heavy makeup is every cause for skin irritation and acne. Despite all that, they manage to keep their skin soft, smooth, and bright. I’m sure many women are envious of their perfect skin and are curious to find out the secret to their beautiful skin. Envy no more because this article will teach you how to achieve their beautiful skin! 

No woman is beautiful without hard work, so be sure to follow these steps closely! Also check out the products recommended for each step!


Step 1: Deep Cleansing

(photos from: Clarisonic , Nature Republic)

Cleansing is a must in all routines but what is more important is how deep the cleansing is. Proper and thorough cleansing is essential in removing skin irritants and dirt which are responsible for aging and troubled skin. We suggest you try these products:

1. Clarisonic Sonic Radiance Brightening Solution Kit: The invention of electronic cleansers was revolutionary. The Clarisonic Sonic Radiance Brightening Solution Kit is a great range that brings cleansing up a notch by cleansing even deep into your pores and thoroughly removing all the impurities built up during the day. The kit consists of the Illuminating Cleanser, Essence Boost and Activator Serum. The best thing about it is that It comes in a dreamy, stunning colour of metallic rose pink! Overall, it is a great range for brightening and maintaining moisture.

2. Nature Republic Ultra Hydrate Jeju Carbonic Hot Spring Water Foam Cleanser: This cleanser contains carbonic hot spring water from Jeju resulting to an easily-lathered foam solution that effectively removes impurities. The solution also contains 6 kinds of marine plants which leaves your skin moisturized and radiant after cleansing. 

Step 2: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! 

(Photos from: Nature Republic, Amorepacific Mall, Su:m 37, Laneige)

One of women's biggest skin concern is their drying skin. When your skin lacks moisture, it could lead to wrinkles, uneven skin tone,and trouble spots. Dry skin also affects the finish of your base makeup, causing your skin to appear patchy. Deep cleansing strips-off the natural moisture of your skin, hence you must be sure to re-moisturize your skin to keep it from drying. Also, use products that are a right fit for your skin, because using unsuitable products can cause negative results. We suggest: 

1. Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Moisture Cream: This cream is famed as the “SNSD Taeyeon Cream”, It contains deep ocean water from Kona, Hawaii and 34 different types of sea plants. It is great for its light texture and intensive moisturizing effects that helps keepmoisture for up to 72 hours.

2. Lirikos Marine Wrinkle Ampule: It is great to include wrinkle prevention in your moisturizing regime. Try the Lirikos Marine Wrinkle Ampule as it boasts to smooth even the finest lines on your face. 

3. Su:m 37 Waterfull Deep Hydrating Gel Mask: Made from the sap of fermented bamboo, the mask provides intense moisture that instantly recharges tired and dry skin. The gel type mask sticks perfectly on the face leaving no gaps, allowing the whole face to be moisturized.

4. Laneige Water Sleeping Pack: The new and improved Laneige water sleeping pack includes the Sleeptox Technology and Moisture Wrap that repairs and moisturises your face while you sleep. The product also boasts of keeping your skin in good condition despite sleeping for less than 8 hours. 

Step 3: Sun care

(photo from: Source: Dior, Shiseido, Amore Pacific Mall)

Sun care is the most essential step of a makeup routine, especially with the rising temperatures as we approach the prime of summer. Regardless of rain or shine, UV rays are always around us and we need to protect our skin from these harmful rays and the effects of sunburn. You can use these products: 

1. Dior One Essential City Defense: The newest addition to Dior’s One Essential Range, the One Essential City Defense is a powerful sunscreen which features SPF 50! It is said to be able to block 98% of UVB rays while forming a protective veil over the skin’s surface, guarding it from the penetration of pollutants and skin irritants. It is great even for users with sensitive skin as the product;s formula neutralizes any contaminants on the face. It also has anti-aging and brightening properties, and also doubles up as a great makeup base primer.    

2. Shiseido ANESSA Perfect Essence UV Spray: This limited edition aerosol sunscreen from the famed Japanese sunscreen line ANESSA by Shiseido is a quick and good protection for your face, body, and scalp. The formula is extremely lightweight, transparent, and micro-fine which gives an even and fast-drying application. It boasts of their patented SuperVeil-UV 360 technology which not only gives you great protection, but also a sweatproof and waterproof formula that can also double up as a makeup base. 

3. Verite Multi Cushion LX: The improved formula of the DX version is a BB cushion with all-in-one properties of whitening, coverage, and sun protection. The new formula has amazing coverage of both aging lines and skin imperfections. The SPF 50+ formula is sweat proof and long lasting-- a great cushion for the season. Despite its great coverage, it is non-drying and maintains moisture all day long. It also serves as a good makeup base.

Step 4: Change your lifestyle

(photo from GraceMyu)

Lastly, all efforts will be wasted if you maintain bad habits in your daily lifestyle. Make sure to drink more than 2 liters of water every day. Consume it bit by bit rather than chugging it down all in one shot. Try to get light walking done daily and if possible exercise for at least 30 minutes each day. Stretch your body throughout the day to relieve your tense muscles and get your blood circulating well. Last but not the least, make sure to get enough sleep every night. Unlike idols, you have the luxury of time to sleep. Your body rejuvenates at a prime time of 10pm to 2am so if you can, get to dreamland during those hours. Sleep is undoubtedly the best natural remedy to beautiful skin and good health!