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5 Gift Ideas For The Audiophile

Creative audio gifts to bring you the best beats

If there's one thing that complements great taste in fashion and beauty, it's one's love for music. Just like your preferences when it comes to makeup looks and style trends, your choice in music says a lot about your personality, mood, and overall outlook in life. Even if you're not considered the ultimate audiophile in your clique, there's always someone in your circle who owns the title.

Just in time for the holidays, we give you the best Creative audio gift ideas for your, or your giftee's, inner audiophile. 


For the health nut

Creative Outlier Sports, SGD129

Keeping your earbuds in place and ensuring they stay sweat-free (and shock-free, for that matter) during your workout sessions can be as easy as picking out the right pair of sports earphones.

Our best pick? The Creative Outlier Sports earphones. This pair of high-performance lightweight wireless in-ear headphones stay secure and comfortable in your ears even when your workout gets tougher and tougher. It also features sweat-proof properties and a battery life of up to 11 hours to make sure you stay active the way you want -- hassle-free.

For the traveller

Creative MUVO 2c, SGD69.00

Featuring a water-resistant design, this palm-sized Creative MUVO 2c lets you take your epic tunes through your life's adventures. With a 6-hour battery life and a size that fits in the palm of your hand, you can play your music loud and proud while you're out satisfying your wanderlust. Just don't forget to prepare your travel playlist beforehand.

For the on-the-go fashionista

Creative Outlier, SGD109

Love music so much that you can't leave the house without it? With its feather-light and sleek design, the Creative Outlier is the perfect set of beats to bring no matter what your lifestyle is. It plays audio from four different sources: Bluetooth®, MicroSD card, USB, and AUX-in; and complete with a set of Acoustic Rings, you can personalise the sound and colour of your Outlier, changing the way you take your music -- and style -- with you.

For the minimalist

Creative NUNO, SGD54

Super chill, laid-back, and love all things monochromatic? Then you'll fall head over heels over the Creative NUNO. Clad in fabric, its simple look draws inspiration from nuno, the Japanese word for cloth. It's a portable, wireless speaker that builds on the classic principles of minimalism: simplicity and timelessness. A perfect fit to both your aesthetic and music preference. 

For the party animal

Creative iRoar Go, SGD299 and Creative iRoar Go Leatherette Carry Pouch, SGD69

For someone who's always at the heart of any party, give her an equally impressionable speaker in the form of a Creative iRoar Go. With the wonders of its SuperWide™ technology, expect a stellar audio experience that comes alive with depth and immersion, you won't believe it's coming from this little speaker. It's also water-resistant and can be managed by an app, so raves by the pool or the beach are no exception to the fun. 

You can also pair it up with the Creative iRoar Go Leatherette Carry Pouch that's designed for you to enjoy great audio with your Creative iRoar Go wherever you go. This pouch protects the speaker with its classy lining and cushioning material made with hand-crafted leatherette. Plus, it is also specially designed with strategic cutouts to give you easy access to your audio, and comes along with a detachable strap to help you go stylishly hands-free. 


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