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Even though we know that procrastination kills our productivity, sometimes, we can't help but fall into the trap of postponing work in favour of doing anything else. And after avoiding the work for hours or even days, we try to cram and finish everything in one sitting. While the adrenaline rush can work for some, most of us won't respond well to the pressure. The result? We end up creating something mediocre or worse, not complete the task at all. All hope is not lost, though, because there's still something we can do. We need to break certain habits that lead to procrastination. Keep reading to know what they are and how you can quit them now.

Working in your bedroom

Woman working on her bed

The problem with working in your bedroom is the impulse to get cosy in bed. And once you do, soon enough you'll start feeling sleepy and will most probably take a nap that may turn into deep sleep. Before you know it, time is lost. It's not a matter of willpower; your brain is already programmed to see your bedroom as the place for relaxation so it will definitely be harder to concentrate no matter what you do. Accomplish your work somewhere else like in cafes, or better yet, finish your tasks in the office so you won't have to do them at home.

Peeking at social media

A social media app

Once you've settled into your new workplace, the next thing you should do is put your phone on airplane mode and put it inside your bag. This way, you won't be tempted to check social media notifications. We've all been guilty of mindlessly scrolling Instagram or Facebook when we're supposed to be working. So it's better to get rid of the temptation altogether. Just concentrate on what you have to do now; those new posts can wait.

Getting distracted by your environment

Someone working on a laptop

Each one of us has a different idea of what's an ideal working environment. Some love having ambient music while others need to be in a quiet place to do their best work. In any case, prepping your workplace to become conducive to work is important for utmost concentration. Find your ideal working set-up by exploring different spaces. If you're in the creative field, you might want a place that has natural light, minimal human movement and some stimulating instrumental music to keep the ideas flowing.

Feeling overwhelmed by huge tasks

Pink post-its

Huge projects can be intimidating and they can feel daunting to start. A clear strategy on how to tackle them can ease the anxiety that comes with accomplishing large projects. In order to not feel overwhelmed, break down a big assignment into little tasks. It also helps to create a work schedule to monitor your progress and anticipate delays. Remember to take things one step at a time.

Taking too many commitments

A desk organiser

Whether it's your social life or career, you must always keep your commitments in check. A fully-booked calendar is certainly exciting but you run the risk of spreading yourself too thin or backing out from several engagements at the last minute. It's better to devote your time and energy to a few tasks than to disappoint people that are counting on you or turn in half-baked outputs.

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The good thing about being a beach bum and living in the tropics is that it's almost always your favourite season. Even if the breeze becomes colder at the end of the year, it's still comfortable to spend a day at the beach just like how you did back in May. With that said, here are some of the beach fashion that you'd want to sport all year long as worn by the #Clozette Community.

Cold shoulder top + wrap skirt

Woman wearing a cold shoulder top and wrap skirt

(Photo from: yuniqueyuni)

Polka bikini top + pink bottom

Woman wearing Polka bikini top and pink bottom

(Photo from: megannmonday)



We're already in the second week of September! How's this month treating you so far? If you haven't been keeping up with the latest in the worlds of fashion and beauty, don't worry. We're keeping you abreast on all the hottest happenings. Read on.


Models wearing black athleisure wear

Legendary fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld has teamed up with PUMA for a capsule collection. The collaboration consists of two unisex sneakers, one of which look unmistakably created by Lagerfeld as it looks just like him! The shoes retail from SGD60 to SGD225 and will be available from 19 October at Limited Edt, Pedder on Scotts, PUMA Select MBS and Robinsons.

Step In, Up and Out

Leopard print sandal

ALDO has just released its Fall '18 collection, consisting of different series inspired by Safari, Intellectual-minded, Tartan Art and Party. The key collection, Safari, is inspired by wildlife and features animal prints. But aside from the new collection, ALDO also launched "Step In, Up and Out," their first experiential art showcase, in partnership with Kult Gallery. 

Gentle Monster x Alexander Wang

Woman in an all-black outfit

Here's another collaboration you can get behind. The collection, which was first showcased at New York Fashion Week in February, is now available for purchase. Get your hands on the limited edition pieces, which retail for SGD408 at the Gentle Monster ION Orchard store. 

Cardi B lipstick

Tom Ford Beauty has released a lipstick named after rapper Cardi B, as part of their Boys and Girls collection. The shade is a vibrant hue of blue that's a bit reminiscent of the colour found in bottles of Bacardi, where the rapper got her name.

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