5 Hairstyles To Try If You're Tired Of The Ponytail | Clozette

Your overall look doesn't end with your makeup and clothes. How you style your locks contribute a lot to the vibe you're going for, and we all know that your best bet for most occasions is to either let your hair loose or opt for a simple ponytail. While these get the job done, going for the same hairstyle over and over can be a bit of a drag. 

So if you're getting tired of the ponytail but would still want to keep the effort to a minimum, here are some classy hairstyles you can easily cop. 


Messy bun

Giving more of a chic feel as it highlights your face completely from all angles, the messy bun is a versatile hairstyle to go for any occasion. Whether you go for a cleaner finish or if you prefer having wisps of hair to frame your face, this look is perfect for running errands to red carpet glam. 

French milkmaid braids

Have a little more time in your hands? Get that goddess vibe going with this complex-looking, but easy-to-recreate hairstyle that's perfect to wear on special occasions. 

Knotted ponytail

Give your ponytail an upgrade in two minutes or less with just a few twists. 

Soft dutch braid

Looking for a dainty 'do to sport during spring and summer? Here's a pretty hairstyle that gives off a subtle ethereal vibe for all your nymph-like feels. 


Half Up-do Top Knot

Don't want your hair flying all over the place for a busy day ahead but would still want it to flow down your shoulders? This hairstyle is for you! Secure the top half of your hair in a typical top knot to keep your locks away from your face, and style the rest as you would normally do, and voilà! Quick and simple. 


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We use our lips to communicate verbally, but do you know that our lips can make a visual impression too? Our lips – literally and figuratively – say more than a thousand words. It can give away tell-tale signs of your health, and even reveal your personality without having you to speak.

Needless to say, your lips play an important role when you interact with people, especially so when you are on a date. After all, it’s always nice to end the evening with a good night kiss, don’t you think? Ahead, avoid making any of these three lip boo-boos the next time you go on a date.


Lip Boo-Boo #1: Chapped Lips

Estée Lauder New Pure Color Envy Oil-Infused Sculpting Lipstick in Epic, SGD48

Imagine this: your date reaches in for that good night kiss, and instead of the anticipated thrill, you’re feeling incredibly conscious about your rough, chapped lips – not exactly a confidence booster. When the lips lose their moisture, they become chapped, and chapped lips can spoil your complete dress-to-kill look.

Mind you, it’s not just about looking great. Sporting a pair of attractive, kissable pucker is a sign that your lips are in a healthy condition. That’s why nothing is better than taking good care of yourself – or your lips, for that matter – while looking good. The Estée Lauder New Pure Color Envy Oil-Infused Sculpting Lipstick taps on the hydrating power of essential oils to nourish your lips into plumped-up, sensual perfection. The lipstick conditions from the inside out to make sure your lips stay supple and hydrated instantly and for longer. Marrying comfort and colour? Consider us sold.


Lip Boo-Boo #2: Unpleasant lipstick scents

Estée Lauder New Pure Color Envy Oil-Infused Sculpting Lipstick in Impactful, SGD48

If your lipstick smells less than fresh on your lips, we say, the best rule of thumb is to ditch it. Sad but true, but some lipsticks just don’t smell as pretty as they look. An unpleasant lipstick scent, like the smell of old crayons, could also be a sneaky reason why your breath stinks even though it probably doesn’t.

Smearing on smelly lipstick on a date is a lost cause, so make sure you’ve got the right lipstick look – and the right scent – nailed down. Cue the Pure Color Envy Oil-Infused Sculpting Lipstick. Its exceptionally light and delicate vanilla scent will make you feel, look, and smell like heaven.

Lip Boo-Boo #3: Wearing one lip colour for all occasions

Estée Lauder New Pure Color Envy Oil-Infused Sculpting Lipstick in Wild Lotus, SGD48

It’s okay to own a signature lip colour, but we think it’s always more fun when you get to play with diversity for every outfit, occasion, and mood. While your signature lip colour can match a certain outfit or occasion, it can also potentially clash with a variety of other outfits or occasions too.

Learn to embrace more lipstick shades than one. From nudes and pinks to reds and plums, with 12 shades to choose from, the Pure Color Envy Oil-Infused Sculpting Lipstick puts the fun – and the right colour – in putting your whole look together. Don’t believe us? Whether you’re going out for a weekend brunch, attending a garden wedding, or getting all prepped up for date night, we show you how your lipstick shade can transform your look for the occasion below.


Date Night

Estee Lauder New Pure Color Envy Oil-Infused Sculpting Lipstick in Bloom Bloom/Poppy Shock/Impactful, SGD48

Weekend Brunch

Estée Lauder New Pure Color Envy Oil-Infused Sculpting Lipstick in Pulp/Pink Mink, SGD48



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