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5 Hairstyles To Try If You're Tired Of The Ponytail

Easy yet classy hair looks to cop

Your overall look doesn't end with your makeup and clothes. How you style your locks contribute a lot to the vibe you're going for, and we all know that your best bet for most occasions is to either let your hair loose or opt for a simple ponytail. While these get the job done, going for the same hairstyle over and over can be a bit of a drag. 

So if you're getting tired of the ponytail but would still want to keep the effort to a minimum, here are some classy hairstyles you can easily cop. 


Messy bun

Giving more of a chic feel as it highlights your face completely from all angles, the messy bun is a versatile hairstyle to go for any occasion. Whether you go for a cleaner finish or if you prefer having wisps of hair to frame your face, this look is perfect for running errands to red carpet glam. 

French milkmaid braids

Have a little more time in your hands? Get that goddess vibe going with this complex-looking, but easy-to-recreate hairstyle that's perfect to wear on special occasions. 

Knotted ponytail

Give your ponytail an upgrade in two minutes or less with just a few twists. 

Soft dutch braid

Looking for a dainty 'do to sport during spring and summer? Here's a pretty hairstyle that gives off a subtle ethereal vibe for all your nymph-like feels. 


Half Up-do Top Knot

Don't want your hair flying all over the place for a busy day ahead but would still want it to flow down your shoulders? This hairstyle is for you! Secure the top half of your hair in a typical top knot to keep your locks away from your face, and style the rest as you would normally do, and voilà! Quick and simple. 


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