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5 Hot Chocolate Flavours To Try This Christmas

(cover photo from chloewl)

During the holidays, numerous companies and cafes always come out with their own take on “Christmas drinks," and most of them are delicious, too. But then, nothing ever quite measures up to the rich and creamy texture and taste of hot chocolate — the original Christmas drink.

Sure, eggnog is great, or some toffee concoction Starbucks created, but hot chocolate is the “one," because who doesn’t love chocolate! It's perfect for not just the holidays, but for any occasion you might want to indulge or comfort yourself! 

Since we know you’re all going to drink it this season, we thought we could spice things up a little bit by giving you 5 flavours to put in your next cup, for that festive, delicious party in your mouth!



(photo from qiyunz)

Warm up your body with some hot chocolate packed with heat! While chili and chocolate may sound gross together because ‘savoury’ and ‘sweet’ aren’t really compatible, don’t worry! The drink won’t taste like chili at all — it will still taste like sweet chocolate, but with a punch at the end, enveloping your tongue with a mild level of spiciness!


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A classic flavor that will add a zing of freshness to a classic drink! Peppermint hot chocolate is a timeless combination that is beloved by many (remember Peppermint Patties?) for its sweet, cool tang that deliciously counteracts the warm richness of the chocolate!


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Who doesn’t love Nutella? Ever since this glorious hazelnut spread hit the market, it’s been collecting fans all over the world. And now it’s here to invade another glorious invention. If you ever feel that your hot chocolate is missing an ingredient, then Nutella will fill that void right up! This will add a soft hazelnut note to your hot chocolate, making it even thicker and more velvety!


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Lovers of citrus-flavoured anything will adore this hot chocolate combination! Be adventurous with your drinks by mixing in orange and chocolate — the orange beautifully complements the sweet cocoa flavour, emphasising it even more for a tasty, cozy drink!

Peanut Butter

(photo from LUMINNEJ)

Take your hot chocolate to the highest level by mixing it with some smooth (or chunky, depending on your preference) peanut butter for a nutty, sweet and salty celebration in your taste buds! Chocolate and peanut butter always blend well together because of its opposite flavors! So no matter how rich both are, the saltiness of latter will always counter the sweetness of the former!


Which flavour are you excited to pair with your hot chocolate? Let us know below!