5 Hot Chocolate Flavours To Try This Christmas | Clozette

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During the holidays, numerous companies and cafes always come out with their own take on “Christmas drinks," and most of them are delicious, too. But then, nothing ever quite measures up to the rich and creamy texture and taste of hot chocolate — the original Christmas drink.

Sure, eggnog is great, or some toffee concoction Starbucks created, but hot chocolate is the “one," because who doesn’t love chocolate! It's perfect for not just the holidays, but for any occasion you might want to indulge or comfort yourself! 

Since we know you’re all going to drink it this season, we thought we could spice things up a little bit by giving you 5 flavours to put in your next cup, for that festive, delicious party in your mouth!



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Warm up your body with some hot chocolate packed with heat! While chili and chocolate may sound gross together because ‘savoury’ and ‘sweet’ aren’t really compatible, don’t worry! The drink won’t taste like chili at all — it will still taste like sweet chocolate, but with a punch at the end, enveloping your tongue with a mild level of spiciness!


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A classic flavor that will add a zing of freshness to a classic drink! Peppermint hot chocolate is a timeless combination that is beloved by many (remember Peppermint Patties?) for its sweet, cool tang that deliciously counteracts the warm richness of the chocolate!


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Who doesn’t love Nutella? Ever since this glorious hazelnut spread hit the market, it’s been collecting fans all over the world. And now it’s here to invade another glorious invention. If you ever feel that your hot chocolate is missing an ingredient, then Nutella will fill that void right up! This will add a soft hazelnut note to your hot chocolate, making it even thicker and more velvety!


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Lovers of citrus-flavoured anything will adore this hot chocolate combination! Be adventurous with your drinks by mixing in orange and chocolate — the orange beautifully complements the sweet cocoa flavour, emphasising it even more for a tasty, cozy drink!

Peanut Butter

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Take your hot chocolate to the highest level by mixing it with some smooth (or chunky, depending on your preference) peanut butter for a nutty, sweet and salty celebration in your taste buds! Chocolate and peanut butter always blend well together because of its opposite flavors! So no matter how rich both are, the saltiness of latter will always counter the sweetness of the former!


Which flavour are you excited to pair with your hot chocolate? Let us know below!



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This December, sure the holiday spirit is everywhere, but it’s also the month of catching up on deadlines and rushing things to finish them all for a clean slate in the new year. It’s stressful, we know. You’ve been so busy lately that you’ve forgotten all about Christmas celebrations at your parents’ house or at your friend's!

It’s the night before the party, and you’re all out of OOTD ideas. But lucky for you we’re here to help with our last minute Christmas Day outfit ideas! Check out these comfortable and easy to put together daytime looks so that you can get inspired for your next Christmas Day look!


Comfy Culottes

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Nothing says elegant and fresh like a pair of white culottes with a pastel pink top! Since this is a day look, heels aren’t necessary. Keep your feet comfortable with a gorgeous pair of flats instead, and finish off the look with a bold blue satchel!


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One of the best inventions for last minute outfits are rompers. These short, gorgeous dresses or shorts are easy to wear and pair with! So if you’re ever in a rush, just throw on a romper and your favorite shoes and accessories, and you will look polished and elegant in under 5 minutes!

Flared Everything

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If you’re going for a high fashion look for Christmas Day, then this flared OOTD will do all of that! The voluminous off-the-shoulder top balances out the flared edges of the pants that amazingly gives a sophisticated finish! Perfect for the day, and when dressed up a little bit with a pair of strappy heels, gorgeous for the night as well.

Shift Dress

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Just like the romper, you can never go wrong with a shift dress no matter the occasion. For this special day, though, opt for a red shift dress with colour accents for a simple, no muss-no fuss look! To make it a suitable daytime outfit, wear your best sneakers and a neutral purse! And because shift dresses are so versatile, they can be amped up for a night out by just changing the shoes and purse!

Festive Monochrome

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An all-white ensemble for Christmas Day is a young and fresh look that will suit anyone who wears it! Monochrome looks are easy to style because they only require one shade and accessories that will make the outfit pop even more. For this look, you can go for a white top, a white A-line skirt with red details, and white sneakers! Complete the look with a nude or red handbag for that extra oomph in your outfit!


Which last minute OOTD are you rocking this Christmas Day? Tell us in the comments below!



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We all know how beautiful Christmas wrappers are; all that glitter and shimmer. You’ve already wrapped up your presents for other people and you have a few left. Now what? Do you throw them away, or wait until the next Christmas to use them up?

We say neither! Because Christmas wrappers are so beautiful, they can make excellent house decorations as well, even though it won’t be the holidays for most of the year. So whether you have a pile of leftover wrappers or you’re anticipating what to do with all the wrappers from the gifts you’re going to receive, keep reading below for some fun, nifty ideas on how you can put your leftover Christmas wrappers to good use!


Make excellent flatlay backgrounds

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Slay that flatlay with colourful backgrounds! While typical flatlay backgrounds are white, or brown, or anything plain, gift wrappers will make excellent ones too. Their joyful prints and textures will add more brightness to your makeup, fashion, and skincare flatlay each and every time!

Decorate your makeup bag

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Tired of your old and simple makeup bag? Spruce it up by using pieces of your Christmas wrappers to decorate it! All you will need are scissors, a hot glue gun, and your wrappers of choice! Cut them into your desired shapes and stick them on your makeup bag. Now you have a “new” makeup kit that didn’t cost you a cent!

Design your vanity

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Vanities, and you would know this is you’re a makeup junkie like us, can get cluttered and messy. So for the new year, opt to fix it, organize it, and design it! Give your vanity a new dose of life by adding some glittery decorations here and there! By giving your beauty space a makeover, we guarantee you’ll want to do your makeup every day!

Create quirky storage boxes

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You don’t have to spend so much money on storage boxes when you can make your very own. All you will need are old Christmas wrappers, some tape, scissors, and old boxes. You can even use old gift boxes for this, too! And when you’re finished, you will have cute and quirky storage spaces that you can fill up with anything you like!


What other ways are you going to do to your leftover Christmas wrappers? Let us know below!