5 Korean Beauty Tips To Know

Incorporate these tips in your daily beauty regimen for dewy, supple skin

When it comes to achieving that sought after dewy, white skin that seems to glow from within, the Koreans have it down pat. So If you're looking to get the same results for your skin, here are a few beauty tips to implement into your own beauty regimen.


Tip #1: Layering

While many have come to rely on those all-in-one products, nothing beats the nourishing effects of product layering as it allows you to mix-and-match the exact products to use on your face based on your skin's needs. Follow this tried and test layering order: toner, essence, serum, moisturiser, facial oil, SPF, eye cream. Remember to take a break between each layer to let the product fully absorb into your skin.
Tip #2: Hydration

Hydration is key to get your skin looking plump and dewy. Aside from upping your water intake, take it a step further with a hydrating facial mist to spray all over your face. It's a great product to throw into your bag for an instant complexion refresher through the day. Look for one that works well even when sprayed over makeup.
Tip #3: Double Cleansing

The key to clear skin: keeping it clean. So at the end of the day, be sure to do a thorough double cleanse of your face. Essentially, this process involves first cleaning your face with an oil-based makeup remover (even if you're not wearing makeup). Oil-based products break down makeup and dirt a lot better without drying out your face. Wipe it all away with a gentle cloth before following up with a foam cleanser to wash away the oil.
Tip #4: What's Your Essence?

Essences are a big deal in Korea, from whitening, toning, to anti-aging essences, they've got them all. The beauty of this product is in its ability to absorb quickly and thoroughly into the skin, in a manner that outperforms serums and creams. This makes it a great first step to any beauty routine, packing a whole lot of skincare benefits. Plus point: it is also relatively low-maintenance. Just press it gently over you face, let it dry, and proceed with your usual routine.
Tip #5: Sheet Masks

Face masks are all the rage in Korea and beyond. It gives your skin a good'ol spa-like boost in the comfort of your home. These little wonders are packed full of serums that deliver a quick hydrating boost for when your skin is tired and sallow. When you're anticipating a big event in the week, go ahead and plop these on your face every single day. Your skin will thank you for it. In cases when you just want a quick pick-me-up, a sheet mask session twice a week is sufficient.

So what's your go-to Korean beauty tip, Clozetters? Share it with our Beauty Community!