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(cover photo from Candypop)

For most of us, May is the last month of Summer. It is also most probably the hottest (and funnest!) summer month around. Exude that carefree vibe not just through your outfit, but also through makeup! But don't worry, You don't have to go all-out in experimenting with crazy makeup trends. The simplest way to try something new is to put in a new shade of lipstick--something you haven't worn yet, or something you're dying try.

Here's a list of the must-try lipstick shades for this month! 



(Photo from curlsandmints)

Calling all Red lipstick lovers, it's time for you to try something nude. Embrace neutral and basic at its best!  This shade is perfect for everyday makeup and for complementing your sun-kissed skin.



(Photo from RoxanneChia)

If you don't want your lips looking too bare with the nude shade, try something with a dab of pink such as a peach-toned lippie. It's vibrant, classy, and feminine--a match made in heaven for the girly girls of summer!


(Photo from indrinovita)

Haven't worn a pink shade this bright lately? Now is the best time to try it! Best to opt for a warmer shade of pink for a vibrant pout!



(Photo from rinicesillia)

Purple is still an ongoing trend in beauty, especially this Month when brands are releasing new colour choices left and right. Try a cool purple shade to combat the summer heat!



It's been a fashion-filled week lately-- Chanel Cruise just concluded, Met Gala happened, and Singapore Fashion Week is currently ongoing. With these events lined-up (and we know similar events will be happening soon) we figured we'd give you a few ideas on how to add flavour on your look--from makeup, to outfit, and nails through our favourite YouTube vloggers and Clozette personalities.

Watch these 5 videos for a stylish week ahead!


Golden Rosy Make up

by: PONY Make up

Korean YouTuber PONY Makeup cannot be stopped, all her videos are a must-watch. She is beautiful, she has flawless skin, and amazing skills. Watch this video for a new makeup look with Gold and Rose shades and you'll surely standout with a sweet and elegant FOTD!

10 Spring Outfits in 4mins

by: ToThe9s 

Going to events left and right can sometimes drain our creativity that causes us to wear similar outfits. Good thing YouTube duo ToThe9s gives us this useful Spring style guide perfect for casual-dressy events this season. We totally love that all-pink look! 

Flamingo Nail Art


On to the nails. You can go classy if you want or spice it up with a colourful summer nail art such as this one by MissJenFABULOUS. Just combine pastel colours and a few tools for you to DIY your way to looking fresh this season!

Long Lasting Makeup

by: Clozette TV

Clubbing or not, this makeup look tutorial by Clozette TV is a must-watch. We all need to know the tips and products for long-lasting makeup, right? This would definitely go handy for all-day events and activities done under unpredictable weather conditions. 

How to Prepare for Summer: DIY Summer Inspiration, Things to do & Essentials!

by: Alexa Mae 

To keep your lifestyle in season, check out  these tips and DIY ideas on how to prepare for summer. Alexa Mae will surely keep you thinking about that bucket list and yes--the detox water looks delicious!



We’ve all been there--rushing out of the house with your makeup bag in hand only to realise you’ve forgotten something and have to run back in. If only we had a cute kit that could hold all our essentials, go everywhere with us, and fit in all our bags, including our tiny clutches. While that may seem like a tall order, Jennifer Cheng, founder and CEO of Glam-it has in fact created the perfect to-go makeup kit – the GlamPact      

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What makes it even better is that the powders are triple-milled so they’re extremely fine and go on smooth with great colour pay-off. The lipsticks are creamy and moisturising and there’s even a concealer. To add to that, all makeup in the palette is made with vegan ingredients and is completely paraben, sulfate, and gluten free. Moreover it isn't tested on animals and doesn’t contain any animal-derived ingredients. 

Just like its predecessor, it features LED lights (so you can apply your makeup literally anywhere) that are completely rechargeable with a universal USB cord. Compact, filled with everything we need and customizable, the GlamPact is an absolute must-have.


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