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If there’s one thing you shouldn’t leave the house without, even on a no makeup day, it’s mascara. Literally like magic wands, they have the ability to instantly add volume, lengthen and create drama for bigger, sexier eyes in seconds. 

Here are five mascaras the Clozette team swears by.


Benefit They’re Real! Mascara
If you want falsies without the hassle, this one is for you. The spiky brush that features a unique dome tip allows you to grab each and every lash (yes, even the tiny ones at the corners of your eyes) from root to tip and deliver the long-wear formula. Expect lashes that are lifted, curled and separated with va-va-voom volume.
Laneige Jet Curling Mascara
Short, limp lashes that won’t stay curled? This mascara is just what you need. Its revolutionary air gel formula allows for smoother application and intense colour without making your lashes brittle. And the 3D Jelly Rubber Brush means you won’t be caught with your mouth open wiggling it this way and that to get fanned out lashes. One swipe horizontally will curl and add volume, and using it vertically will help define each and every lash.

Maybelline The Falsies VolumExpress
The patented spoon-shaped brush mimics the contour of the eye and adheres itself to the lashes making application a breeze. Go for a natural-lashes-just-much-better look with a single coat or layer on several coats for the falsie effect. Bonus: It won’t break the bank.

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara
The creamy formula glides through your lashes coating each strand with intense, rich, black pigment for long, luscious lashes and its nourishing formula helps protect and promote lash growth. We love the fact that we can add on extra volume without it looking clumpy just before we head out to cocktails – even after wearing it the entire day.

Givenchy Noir Couture Mascara
Whenever we feel the need for extra oomph, we find ourselves reaching for this mascara. The triple spiral brush grabs lashes right from the roots to lengthen and volumise them for a wide-eyed effect and the Lash Booster Expert Complex protects and strengthens lashes.



Men’s fragrances usually smell clean, sleek and whole. What sets them apart from feminine fragrances is that they are usually composed of floral and citrus notes – but just because musk and peppers are typically associated with masculine scents doesn't mean we can’t enjoy them as well. 

Here are a few fragrances designed for men that we can see ourselves stealing from our boyfriends’ collections:


Boss Orange Man

Composed with spicy notes of fresh apple, vanilla, warm incense and African Bubinga wood, it is an exotic scent great for days you want to channel that devil-may-care attitude. A woman who embodies fun and spontaneity would embrace this scent as well.
Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue Pour Homme

Its refreshing, summery composition is similar to Light Blue Pour Femme but it includes more herbs such as rosemary and Brazilian rose wood. If you prefer a “greener” version of Light Blue, then opt for the men’s version.

Gucci Guilty Pour Homme

The fragrance opens with invigorating lavender and lemon, and is supported by warm woody accords of cedar and patchouli, giving the scent an exciting and luxurious allure – perfect for the go-getting woman.

Penhaligon’s LP No. 9

This powdered fragrance features ylang-ylang and spices at its heart, and vanilla, patchouli, musk and amber as the base notes – all in all, exuding a warm and seductive scent that is meant to be worn on glamorous evenings.

Bleu de Chanel

This fragrance is made of interesting spices: labdanum, nutmeg, ginger, sandalwood, mint, jasmine, grapefruit, citruses, vetiver, incense, cedar and pink pepper. The heady combination makes for a complex, woody aroma that is both refreshing and energising.



My favourite thing about watching YouTube beauty videos is the wealth of information I learn about the latest brand releases, what products to stay away from, and the makeup looks to try in time for the fall season. So I did another YouTube binge this week and watched a bunch of beauty videos.

Here are the top 6 videos that stood out:




Loving and hoarding makeup can become quite an expensive hobby. So when you need to cut down on your makeup spending but still want to add new colours to your collection, then dupes is the way to go. This videos has really great dupes for high-end products. 

Plus points: she wears the dupe and high-end product at the same time. See if you can spot the difference!


September Favorites 2014

Monthly Favourites videos are really popular on YouTube mostly due to our collective curiosity over what products other girls have been using throughout the month. I personally don't deviate much from my skincare and makeup routine from month to month, so this video is a great way to see other products that are out there that I may want to try in the future. 

Side note: missglamorazzi (aka Ingrid) has oily skin. So if you have oily skin, she's the beauty guru to watch. Her recommendations have worked really well for me.

Allison Anderson

My Night Time Skin Care Routine | Fall 2014

Removing my makeup after a long day is always the best feeling in the world, next to the relaxing feeling of layering skincare just before bed. A good night time skincare regiment is the best thing you can do for your skin as it allows the products to sink in and work as you sleep. Skin care routine videos such as this, is a great way to see what other girls are using--perfect for when you run out of your favourite serum and want to try something else.

Fleur DeForce

Disappointing Products

I've recovered quite a bit from my skincare and makeup hoarding habit. I used to be terrible at buying loads of products only to be disappointed by them and stashing them away in my cabinet, never to be seen again. Videos such as this have helped me cut back on my spending. I now know what to stay away from whenever I am in the mood to purchase new products. Of course, products work differently on different people--what may be deemed rubbish to some could actually be a holy-grail product for another. But it's always good to arm yourself with good and bad reviews of products so you can make a more informed choice and not just throw your money at a hyped product.

From Head To Toe

TUTORIAL: Fall Vampy Makeup

It's finally fall season and that can only mean one thing: dark, vampy lips! I love my go-to pink and red lipsticks for most of the year; but when the fall season comes around and the weather starts to cool down (even just a little bit!), I gravitate towards darker shades. This makeup tutorial is perfect for the season, paired with a comfy sweater for a relaxed, night out with your friends.


Birthday Makeup

Birthdays are great. Everyone loves birthdays. But when you're a YouTube beauty guru and celebrating your birthday, the best way to do so is to play around with your makeup and create a special birthday look for yourself. The thick winged eye-liner and soft smoky eye is the perfect hey-it's-my-birthday look. 

Side note: I love how she started a tradition of purchasing one new makeup palette every year for her birthday. I should do the same.

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