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5 Movies To Inspire Your Costume This Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and we have to admit that it's the next big thing besides Christmas that we look forward to, every single year. Of course there are the candies and the spooky decorations, but one thing we absolutely love about it are the costumes and the horror films playing non-stop on our TVs.

So whatever your plans are for October 31st, we decided to give you the best Halloween movies that you can get your costume inspo from -- and maybe add to your binge-watch list if you're simply up for some chilling this Hallows Eve!


Hocus Pocus 

Any Halloween-themed article is never complete without a Hocus Pocus reference. This 1993 classic starring Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy, and Sarah Jessica Parker enchants us with the story of Salem witches, trick-or-treating, and all the basic love for Halloween! If you're looking for a bewitching look (see what we did there?) minus the pointy hat and the all-black outfit, you can use the Sanderson sisters' colourful and gypsy-like dresses as your style peg. 


Suicide Squad

This movie undeniably owns this year's Halloween. If you're in the mood to go mainstream, Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn is your best bet. From her signature "Daddy's Little Monster" shirt to that stunning gold dress she dons during that pole dancing scene, you can mix and match her look to make the character your own. But if you're not feeling Harley's look, you can also win the crowd if you decide to go for Katana, The Enchantress, or even Amanda Waller.

Plus, you can even make it more fun if you can convince your own group of friends to go as the entire SS team! 


Almost Famous

A great coming-of-age movie that's all about exploring the world of rock and roll, this film showcases iconic looks from the 60's to the 70's. One of the standout characters from the movie is Kate Hudson's Penny Lane, who wears a Shearling Coat, a crop top, and her aviator sunnies -- fully embracing the stereotypical superstar look. Easy to create with your wardrobe staples, the nostalgia will feel just right if you take this early 2000s film as your Halloween look. 


Nancy Drew

Oh, vintage! From the books to the 2007 movie adaptation, Nancy's look combines classic leather pieces and structured dresses that are simple and chic. If you're a huge fan of loafers, headbands, and plaids, just grab a magnifying glass and your notebook filled with cases and start your sleek sleuthing!


Mean Girls

High school can be a horror story to some people. And what better way to bring on the spooks than gathering a bunch of Plastics and their Burn Book? That's right! From Regina George's spine-braced prom dress look to Cady's zombie bride costume, this movie not only brings on the laughs and the feels but also gives tons of style inspos for and even after Halloween. 


Are you going for a movie-inspired character this Halloween? Let us know the deets about your costume in the comments below!