5 Non-Fashion IGers With The Best Travel Styles

Chic jetsetters

Instagram offers endless inspiration for everything from style and beauty to travel and food. So we’re not surprised that your personal feed is already filled with Insta-worthy snaps from famous style personalities and travel bloggers. But did you know that there are so many chic jetsetters with great photos out there – ones who don’t count social media as their bread and butter? Tap ‘follow’ on these style-savvy travellers’ accounts now.

Muanprae Fukiatisuthi

You won’t get tired of looking at Muanprae’s feed. Aside from the scenic places she visits (lucky girl!), her outfits never disappoint. We love the perfect mix of minimalist cuts and bold prints in her outfits.

Budiman Bin Rosly

Comfort is key when it comes to travelling. But that doesn’t mean you can’t play with your style while on the go. If you love clashing prints and patterns, simply take a cue from Budiman’s on-trend style.

Kas Perez

Kas’ style is the epitome of laid-back chic. From the streets of Metro Manila to the beaches of Bali, she always looks effortlessly cool.

Tritotsaporn Ketudat

Polished chic is what we’d describe Tri’s style. Whether he’s in a tailored suit or a relaxed white-shirt-and-denim combo, this AirAsia AllStar has a knack for adding the cool into classic pieces.

Valerie Tan

One look at Valerie and you’ll know that she loves sticking to glamorous classics. From LBDs to elegant bold-coloured dresses, this lady doesn’t take a lot of fashion risks, but we love how she appears to be able to put her own twist to tried-and-true silhouettes.

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