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5 Places That Should Be In Every Fashionista's Travel Bucketlist

If you have the luxury of time and money, where would you go and what would you buy? If you're a certified fashionista, then the answer is quite simple: to travel to a place where you can give yourself a treat by getting all of the things you love in one major getaway. But dreaming and planning can be tough, especially if you don't know where to start.

So whether you're still saving up for your dream escapade or you're already up for some major travel preparations, here are some places the you might want to consider adding to your fashionista bucketlist.


Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong 

(photo from Instagram/@discoverhongkong)

A little closer to our homes, Hong Kong is easily accessible for our short trip shopping getaways. Whether you're up for sidestreet bargains or high-end brands, HK has something in store for every shopper. Plus, you can even spot amazing fashion inspiration even while walking the streets or riding their trains because of the locals' deep appreciation for on-point OOTDs.
Tokyo, Japan

If you love avant garde street style, finding yourself in the middle of Tokyo, especially during the weekends, will be the perfect experience. The highlight will definitely be teenagers adding more colour to the streets of Harajuku dressed in bold and loud outfits with ease and confidence. It's like watching a runway show in the middle of the city!
New York City, USA

There's a reason why NYC is called "the city that never sleeps." If you're someone who loves to explore and shop until you drop, this place is for you. Everyone who walks the streets possess a certain aura of chicness despite the hustle and bustle of the city. It's no wonder why being described as having a "New Yorker's fashion sense" is such a huge compliment.
London, England

Most countries in Asia are used to the tropical weather to the point that wearing scarves and shawls for fashion can sometimes feel like a sacrifice. But we can't deny that it certainly adds flair to an outfit. If you're someone who's in love with your mufflers, London is your fashion haven. With the sun rarely shining in its streets, excuses are not needed to get your hands on stylish scarves, coats, and boots.
Milan, Italy

(photo from Instagram/@vacations_destinations)

A fashionista travel bucketlist is never complete without Milan. With its long history of textile, design, and fashion in general, it's no wonder why this city is recognised as one of the biggest fashion capitals today. From street style to multiple fashion weeks, Milan is definitely every fashion girl's dream come true. 


Which of these destinations would you want to visit? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!