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The real reason why celebrities always look so well-dressed is because they have stylists. But in truth, regular fashionistas can also rock their own chic looks if they just put a bit more effort in styling their clothes. It doesn't need to be as complicated as looking for pegs, searching shops for clothes, and filtering out the options. 

All you need are these 5 basic principles of celebrity styling!  


Principle # 1: Layer Clothes

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Layering clothes isn't just for the cold season, it's also essential in looking like a celebrity. Imagine seeing someone in top, jeans, and sneakers combo and compare it to someone wearing a top, leather jacket, jeans, and sneakers combo. Doesn't the latter one look more fabulous? You can layer tops, jackets, coats, bandanas, scarves, and cover-ups to look dressier than usual!

Principle 2: Accessorize With Glam

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If you really want to acheive that celebrity look, then you have to remember that accessories are as vital as your clothes. They define your overall style--whether it be basic, edgy, boho, or classy. The safest choice are gold accessories and minimalist jewellery so you can achieve glam in an instant! 

Principle 3: Inject Your Personality

Rihanna's style is distinguishable from Beyonce's style and vice versa. Same goes for almost all A-list celebrities out there. Each of them making their own mark in the fashion industry. With every look, they make sure they inject their personalities and let their style shine through. For a celebrity, it's not always about what's trending, it's about their personality speaking through their clothes and creating the trend. So go ahead and pour your personality into everything you wear.

Principle 4: Make It Look Effortless

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Celebrities have the talent to make their outlits look so perfectly put-together, it's like they didn't think about it at all. The secret to that is obvious--just don't think too about it too much. Don't overdo it. Less is more. But if you do have to put more, make sure it's a fashion statement and not a costume-y outfit. 

Principle #5: Strut In Statement Shoes

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Have you even seen celebrities walking in a pair of drab, worn-out, ugly shoes? No. Shoes can make or break your outfit. That's why celebrities make it point to buy the best pairs they can get their hands on. These shoes don't have to be expensive, they just have to look stylish and be of good quality. 



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Singapore’s 50th Birthday is a few days away and we're all psyched for the celebration in Clozette's hometown of Singapore. So in honour of this momentous occasion and the nation's colours, we've put together a list of all things red and white.

So get into that patriotic SG50 spirit and stand-up for Singapore by incorporating red and white in your homes, outfits, and even your hair and makeup! 


Beauty Box

Marc Jacobs has something unique and fun to offer with their Dot Coffret set containing a perfume spray, lotion, and shower gel. The box and packaging is in red, white, and black and the whimsical design of the perfume bottle is something you'd go gaga for! 

Cool Gadget For Your Home

(Get It Here)

If you feel like staying home then a cool-looking white and red cordless phone from Philips would be a great addition to your fashionable interiors. To add to that, it's comfortable, durable, and has superb sound quality.

White Heels

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White heels may not be the most popular choice for an everyday OOTD, but since it is a special day, why not? Wearing white is also a statement in itself. You can pair it with a monochrome outfit or match it with red accessories for a chic SG50 look!

Red Bag

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Charles & Keith has just launched a limited edition SG50 bag that features a bold shade of red, synonymous with the nation’s state colour. It's a boxy messenger bag with contrast black piping and edgy metal hardware detail is perfect for both your casual and glam looks. 

Red Lipstick

(Photo from Junedujour)

Of course, the most effortless choice is to wear a red lippie! Pick a bright red or true red shade for an eye-catching pout. Amp it up a notch by wearing white eyeshadow blended together with grey or brown shades for a classic, muted eye look.

Red Beauty Products

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You can literally wear red on your skin by putting on a skincare product that's made from red ingredients. Estee Lauder's Nutritious range is made from 8 antioxidants, the main one being pomegranate, a red fruit that is chock-full of antioxidants! 

Red Hair

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Bold enough for colour? Why not get your hair ready for National Day by adding red streaks! Whether you go for subtle streaks of red, to a full-on bright red colour all over, you'll definitely look pumped and ready to celebrate SG50.

Little Red Dress

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Last but not the least, a full red and white outfit! Since it's a special celebration, take your classy little red dress for a spin around Singapore while wearing your white shoes. It's also a perfect day-to-night look to wear at a sophisticated event celebrating the nation's birthday.



Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week will be happening once again this year from 12th to 16th of August 2015 at the Centercourt of Pavilion Shopping Center in Malaysia. The Runway Collection 2015 will feature never before seen runway-worthy looks from 80+ Designers which will be shown exclusively during the the event. 

There will be an impressive line-up of up-and-coming and veteran designers from Malaysia and other parts of the world--including, of course, numerous promising homegrown labels such as Line 32 by Yvonne Lim, and Andy Bandy. Brands such as My Apparel Zoo by Ellie E. Norman, Eclipse, and Soonaru will also be there to grace the crowd with their craft. 

However, we are more excited to see what these 5 designers are up to. Read on to see which designers we've got our eye on!


Ezzati Amira

(photo from Ezzati Amira)

Ezzati Amira is a Malaysian womenswear designer that finds her inspiration and story lines from the modern woman whose take on life is bold and fearless. She creates her pieces with crucial understanding and detail to complement every woman’s wardrobe. It's no wonder that she is considered every woman's dream designer and a must-see show in KLFW. 

Nurita Harith

(photo from Nurita Harith)

Nurita Harith has a knack for using interesting silhouettes to define her own style in the fashion industry. Her background as a fine arts major certainly helped her in developing her own individual style and sense of creation. Now, her creative vision moves forward with new collaborations and designs for KLFW this year. 

Jonathan Liang

(photo from jonathan-liang)

Founded in 2012, Jonathan Liang provides the modern woman with adaptable provocative yet combatively feminine prêt-a-porter collections that are intimate, lustrous, and effortless. The Paris-based designer continues to maintain his mission of juxtaposing the world of dreams with daily life in inspirational designs, quality fabrics, and impeccable workmanship. 

Moto Guo 

(photo from Moto Guo)

Moto Guo is a menswear designer with creations that speak for itself. His debut and graduation collection, “Out Like A Light,” featured an assortment of designs that are tell-tale signs of his identity--wacky yet dexterous. There is without a doubt that his work is one that will propel menswear to higher and ecstatic designs.

Man Chien

(photo from themalaymailonline)

Subversive and cerebral designer Man Chien will also be making her first appearance at the KLFW this year. Her designs have caught the eye of most designers as she has deconstructed classic paintings and reinterpreted them on fabric. We can't wait to see her whimsical pieces!