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There's a list of things women can never have too much of: clothes, shoes, bags, and our favourite one--lipsticks. A lipstick is like the cherry on top of a perfectly whipped vanilla ice cream sundae. It gives your face a pop of colour and it determines your overall style. Plus, it's a treat to buy!

To keep you in the know of how to snag that perfect lipstick, here are 5 lipstick-characteristics you should look for. 



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Here's a tip: never sacrifice comfort for color. No matter how elegant the packaging is and how amazing the colour payoff is, if a lipstick isn't moisturising then you better find another one. A good lipstick should be hydrating enough to give you smooth and soft lips whenever you wear it, not dry it out all throughout the day. For those who love matte lips, look for formulas that aren't too drying. Ideally, they should look matte but feel velvety on the lips..


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You wouldn't want a lipstick with a formula that isn't creamy. You can test this quality by swatching it on our your arm or the back of your hand. Because whether it's satin, sheer, or matte finish, if it's not creamy enough it won't glide easily on your lips and application won't be as enjoyable, with the colour looking patchy and uneven. 

Complement Your Skintone

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Keep in mind that if a lipstick looks goods on someone else doesn't mean it will look good on you too. That's why there are tons of colours to choose from--so it can match all skin tones and undertones. The basic rule is: darker shades flatter darker skin tones (unless you're going for a retro feel), bright and dark shades flatter fair-skinned people, and most nude, orange, red, and pink shades flatter olive skin tones. You can also apply the undertone rule and apply shades similar to your undertone. Those with yellow undertones should go for warmer colours, while those with pink undertones should go for shades with blue or purple tones in them. 

Long-Wearing & Transfer-Resistant

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Unless you don't mind reapplying your lipstick through the day, then go with a regular lipstick instead. However, for those who don’t have time to reapply lipstick over and over, look for a long-wearing and transfer-resistant lippie. These are the kind that keep lips looking perfect from 4 to 8 hours or more, and doesn't budge even if you eat greasy food, kiss your beau on the cheek, or accidentally wipe it on your clothes.  

Great Colour Payoff

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A lipstick's colour is no use if doesn't look like there is actual colour on your lips (or at least on your arm when you're swatching it). It's the reason we all buy lipsticks in the first place! A lipstick with an amazing colour payoff makes it a lot easier to quickly pull your whole look together. One swipe all over your lips and you're done!



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The beauty industry is always on the move, with product releases left and right. As such, it's great to be in the know over which products are worth checking out. There are products that are underrated and products that are overhyped. To know which is which, we turn to our beauty community's experiences for a quick review.

Here are the 5 mini reviews of beauty products--from eyeliner, to skincare, and fragrance--that we spotted in our community.


LadyKin Eyeliners

by qiyunz

"Finest eyeliner I've ever seen! The tip is so slim, it looks like a needle yet very versatile to create lines of different thickness with different strength and angle! That's LadyKin At The Party Vividline Pen Eyeliner. I'm so tempted to use this a my writing penlong lasting and easy to use." 

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Dr+ Nu:ell Lotions

by Junedujour

"Been hearing so much of Dr+ Nu:ell skincare range, so I was thrilled to be reviewing their Fitting Lotion and Double S Lotion this month. The lightweight gelish texture is not just fast absorbing, but still gives me much needed hydration. I love how plumped and dewy my skin condition looks after a mere week, thanks to it's 6 callus complex (plant stem cell)."

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Etude House Any Cushion Pearl Aura

by musicalhouses

"The Any Cushion Pearl Aura is a BB Cushion with 6 "dots" of brightening highlighting liquid (always popular in k-beauty) in addition to the usual BB cream that we see inside the cushion. And yes, the dots are in the sponge, and when you press the dots the highlighter comes out! In practice though, when you use these BB cushions, the puff will end up mixing the two, and the nice dots get blurred after a while. But it is super pretty!"

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MAC Pro Longwear concealer

by amandamisaki

"Covering your flaws and huge face demons. The MAC Pro Longwear concealer lasts for 5-8hours. It does a good job at concealing redness but doesn't do a good job in covering scars."

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Maison Martin Margiela Lazy Sunday Morning

by loveforskincare

"Lazy never smelled better. There's a sense of serenity, sunshine and reminds us that life is sweet and it's ok to take your time. It's like having breakfast (and flowers) in bed. Indulge, laze. Maison Martin Margiela (MMM) has bottled up this Sunday indulgence in a 10ml fragrance (S$23), MMM Replica Lazy Sunday Morning EDT. Love rollerballs for traveling!" 

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