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5 Questions With Vanessa Spence From ASOS

While we were in Shanghai for the ASOS S/S 2016 Press Preview, we got a few minutes to chat with ASOS' Womenswear Design Director, Vanessa Spence. So naturally, we wanted to know a little a bit more about her, from taking a peek into what's in her purse to what keeps her inspired in her fashion life. 

Get to know the woman behind ASOS Womenswear in this quick chat with Clozette!


What are the 3 things you always have with you in your purse?

Definitely my phone because I live on my phone. I do everything on there. I would definitely also have my lip balm. The one I'm using currently is Crème de la Mer lip balm. And probably some perfume--Byredo is my favourite at the moment.

What's a quick fashion/beauty tip for when you're running late and just need to get out. 

Do you know what? It's another perfume thing. I always carry around Jo Malone body oil and just use that in the day. It's just a nice way to just freshen up, so whether you're going into another meeting quickly or after work if you're quickly going out. And another thing would be pair of shoes. Just quickly change the shoes. So whether you need to go from heels down to flats, or flats to heels. 

What's your favourite part about being a designer? What keeps you inspired?

I love how it's just different. Every day is different. I'm never ever bored. Like in my whole career, I've never been bored. there's always something different to do.

What's the most used item or clothing in your closet right now?

Probably it'll either be my trainers, Stans Smith. Or I just bought a Gucci Bag, so I'm using that a lot--I think it'll just be one of those pieces that I'll keep forever. 

What's your favourite fashion trend that you'll always be a fan of?

I think it'll be the 90s, because I would have been in college. So ( was wearing that trend first time around and I just love it, the whole slip dressing. I remember going into Marks & Spencer's and buying actual slips and wearing them around or buying vintage slips and wearing them out; and my mom will be like, "You're in a nightie, why are you going out like that?" And then I love that there's a lot of different elements, you've got that pretty side but then you've got the more casual sort of dungaree side and then you've got the slouchy there's just a lot of elements to it. And of course there's quite a lot of denim in there as well. I always love a pair of jeans!


Watch out for our full-length interview with Vanessa soon. And while you're at it, drop by for more London fashion inspiration!