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Cutting your hair is definitely a huge topic for debate. Committing to a hairstyle for months really requires hard work and the worry of getting the wrong cut really looms over our heads. But sticking with long hair can be quite a hassle, especially with the temperature rising as we welcome spring and summer.

Having second thoughts as to whether or not you should chop off your locks? We listed down reasons that’ll make you want to say goodbye to your long hair asap!


It's a time saver

Want more time to focus on perfecting your OOTD and MOTD? This is the answer! Chopping your hair short will definitely lessen the time you spend on styling and perfecting your tresses. You can now use the extra time to perfect your winged eyeliner!

It frames your face better

Lesser hair around your face means getting more attention to your angles. Getting the right haircut can really make your jawline stand out and your eyes look more striking. It also gives the illusion of a longer neck, perfect for wearing clothes with wide necklines.

It’s perfect for any season, occasion, and outfit

Say goodbye to hours and hours of planning your hairstyle. The great thing about short hair is that it complements almost every fashion ensemble you can think of. Best thing about it? You can go from a formal to a casual look without too much effort—just pin your hair to the side or add chunks of curls through your hair and you can take your look from casual to glam in an instant.  

It’s effortlessly elegant yet bold

There’s something about short hair that exudes timeless elegance which makes you feel classier and dainty, but also feisty and adventurous. It gives that sense of reinvention that we all want to feel, especially if we’re taking on a new step in our personal lives.

It’ll grow back

Wanting to change your look can get really risky. If you end up with a haircut you don’t love, always remember that hair grows back. The important thing is that you’ve learned which cut works (or does not work) for your face shape. So don’t get bugged down with beauty “what ifs.” Take the plunge and go forward from there. Who knows, it may be a risk worth taking.


Do you have more reasons why you want to chop those locks? We’d love to know more about it in the comments below!


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If you’re someone constantly on-the-go, then you know the importance of makeup and skincare products that are easy and quick to use. Because most busy women rarely have more than 5-15 minutes to do their beauty and skincare routines, they stick to products they know will get the job done.

So if you want to shorten your beauty routines, or you want to minimise the number of products you use, keep reading below for the list of beauty products that all busy women swear by (and love)!


Cleansing Water

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A makeup remover that doubles up as a cleanser and toner, cleansing waters are the ultimate staple for busy women. These ‘super’ waters cleanse the skin without stripping it, leaving a cleaner and more hydrated complexion!

Cream Blush

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Cream blushes give a natural flush to the skin, can be applied using fingers, and can be used as a lip stain too – it’s no wonder why busy ladies love this product so much!

Brow Gel

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Even if they have hectic schedules, busy women still find the time to quickly groom their face-framers because brushing and setting the brows can instantly change your whole look!


(photo from Perinsidhu)

A concealer is a staple among busy women because they can fake 8 hours sleep in under 5 minutes! So if you've god a bad case of dark circles or eye bags, just take a full coverage concealer, blend it under your eye area, and you will look well-rested immediately! 

Waterproof Mascara

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Busy ladies don’t always have time for sharp, winged liner. So to define their eyes, they go all out with mascara, waterproof mascara to be more precise, because it instantly makes them look more awake and won’t budge or smudge during the day.

Powerful Moisturiser

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Since busy bees don’t always have time to use face masks to plump up their skin, they use a potent moisturiser or face cream to maintain that natural glow.

Tinted Lip Balm

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Lipsticks can dry out the lips, so busy women add colour to their pouts through tinted lip balms! They add a sheer wash of colour over the lips, while hydrating them and plumping them up!


What do your beauty routines consist of? Tell us in the comment section below! 



Some people might say that dyeing your hair in a bold colour is a whole new level of crazy; but in fact, going for an unnatural hair colour is a great way to quickly change up your look and show the fun, experimental side of yourself. However, we have to admit that it’s a big risk and may even end up in a disaster. Yikes!

Worry not! Never go wrong with bold hair colours and show off your feisty, adventurous side with our simple tips and tricks!


Start with unwashed hair

If you plan on dyeing your hair at home, going with dry and greasy hair is your best bet to avoid turning your locks brittle. This is to ensure that your hair’s natural oil (temporarily taken away when you shampoo) is there to moisturise and protect the strands when you apply the chemicals for dyeing.

Remember the colour wheel

If you have really dark hair, chances are the colour won’t show as much. Get your hair bleached first if you want the colours to really stand out. But you also have to make sure that you get it toned as well to get rid of the yellowness that bleach usually results in. Light brown and blonde hair with red usually ends up orange; blue on blonde will turn green; blue on red/reddish brown hair results to purple -- just remember all those colour mixing lessons you got in kindergarten to come up with the accurate shade.

Test it out

Dye a small portion of your hair, preferably the ones by the nape to keep it hidden. Doing a dye trial is essential to make sure that you get the colour that you want and to also see if you’ll have any allergic reactions to the products that you’re going to use.

Make sure it matches your skin tone

If you easily blush, you might want to stay away from pinks and reds. Green and yellow are not the shades you should go for if you’re a bit pale because it’ll flush out the colour from your cheeks. Lucky are those with olive skin can have a little more liberty when it comes to choosing colours to play with. 

Maintain, Maintain, Maintain

Maintaining your bold hair colour is all in the washing. Keep the shampooing to twice a week and step up on your use of conditioner. This helps maintain the shine and the staying power of the dye, keeping your hair voluminous and vibrant! Out of all the dyes, blue is the hardest one to maintain because it needs the most amount of touch-ups. If you’re going for this colour, make sure you stock up!


Have you tried dyeing your hair in bold colours? Tell us all about it in the comments below!