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5 Reasons Why Liu Yifei Is The Perfect Star For "Mulan"

She'll bring honour to us all

Disney played a significant part in most of our childhood. And even as adults, we can't help but deny that our attachment, and even opinions,  on both the OG and the modern princesses continuously expand, considering that they are some of our first role models growing up. 

But if there's one to stand out from the Disney ladies pre-Frozen, Brave, or Moana — at least for me — that'll be Mulan. As a child, she was my hero even before I knew what the word 'feminism' was, and needless to say that she was easily relatable, especially for someone like me who's Asian. I may not exactly be of Chinese descent, but the idea of seeing a Disney protagonist who shares most Asian values I was brought up in, like filial piety, honour, and discipline, made her my favourite. Truth be told, I know the words and the scenes by heart. 

And after some waiting (and auditioning over 1,000 candidates from around the world) Disney finally announced that 30-year-old actress Liu Yifei, also known as Crystal Liu, will play the iconic part.  But as we still have to wait until 2019 before the movie hits the theatres, we say keep on reading as we share need-to-know deets on the actress who will play the titular role. 

She has quite an impressive resume up her sleeve already

Liu Yifei is not a newcomer to Hollywood. She was in 2008's The Forbidden Kingdom, alongside Jackie Chan and Jet Li, and 2014's Outcast, with Nicolas Cage and Hayden Christensen.

She is one of China's most popular personalities

Not only is she considered as one of the country's most beautiful women, she's also not new to glamorous engagements. Dior, Tissot,  and Pantene are just some of the brands under her ambassadorship wing.

She is fluent in English and can carry a tune

While the live-action adaptation has previously announced that unlike 2017's Beauty and the Beast, this one wouldn't have all of the iconic songs from the animated film, fans are still hoping, and even petitioning, for a turnaround. Needless to say that whether or not this happens, we know that Liu can belt out Reflection just fine.

Her fans call her 'Fairy Sister'

It's not that hard to see why her fans opted for such a nickname, considering that she is not only beautiful but also looks graceful and poised. This makes critics worry that she may not pull off disguising as a man as Mulan did in the film, but surely with more than a decade of experience in acting and a tad bit of Disney's filmmaking magic, we can only hope it works out well in the end!

She can work some serious martial arts moves

As we know, Mulan's epic story is all about taking her father's place in the war. And as all wars go, we're expecting fight scenes of epic proportions that have attached us to this heroine in the first place. It's a good thing that Liu Yifei already has experience in creating masterful fight scenes in some of her works, one of the most commonly known being in 2006's Return Of The Condor Heroes.  Mulan may be less fantasy-driven as this one, but hey, her poses and her moves in the 2006 Chinese drama serve as a good foundation for the role. 

(Cover photo from @crystal_liuyifeiofficial)

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