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The difference between fashion and style is that style is what you become known for — your signature. And no one knows more about style than Minnie Mouse, a flapper girl who debuted in 1928 as Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend. Minnie has been in the fashion game since then and has started trends over the years, making a unique impact on the fashion industry. Now that is what we call legendary!

To celebrate her status as one of the world’s leading icons, here are 5 reasons why she is our style icon and why she should be yours too!


She keeps it classy in heels

Give the right girl the right type of shoes and she can conquer anything. True, Minnie may have come at a time in history when wearing heels every day was the norm, but she still wore them even when sneakers became popular and heels were just reserved for work and special occasions. She knows how to walk the walk and look gorgeous while doing it!

If you’re not a lover of heels, you can still rock it with Poh Heng’s Minnie Mouse Style Icon - Peep Toe Pumps necklace, which is just as fabulous!
Knows how to accessorise

Accessorising can be hard when you don’t know where to begin. But not Minnie! She has found her match with her signature bow and has worn it throughout the decades, only changing it up to match her outfits and shoes.

Sport a bow on your hair and neck with Poh Heng’s Minnie Mouse Style Icon - Essential Bow necklace for a coordinated look!

Consistent fashion choices

Being consistent with your style is a little difficult because fashion and trends change every year. But Minnie Mouse has mastered the art of being stylish by catering her style to the trends, not the other way around. That way, she still gets to wear what she loves, while being at the top of her fashion game. You’ll notice that whatever era she’s in, she always wears a dress, kitten heels, and a bow.

Wear the Poh Heng Minnie Sassy necklace and make it the topping of any of your outfits. Its rose and white gold details make it wearable for any time of the year, day, or occasion!

Starts and inspires trends

Polka dots? Round sunglasses? Mouse ears? Pillow box hats? These are just some of Minnie’s influences on the fashion industry. In fact, she has influenced fashion photographers too!

To rock one of the trends she inspired, the Poh Heng Minnie Style Icon - Sunnies necklace has got you covered as a go-to accessory for effortless style mixed with a bit of Minnie’s quirkiness!

Keeps it simple

Last, but definitely not the least, Minnie always keeps her clothing choices simple and effortless. Yes, she incorporates trends into her outfits, but it’s mostly just in the details – her signature style still remains. Her outfits’ simplicity is what keeps her timeless, relatable, and chic!

For a signature accessory, the Poh Heng Minnie Style Icon - M For Minnie necklace will always keep you looking polished and well put together at any time!



(cover photo from tintedwhiteroses)

There’s more to proportions than slouchy sweaters and pencil skirts. Designers are inventing more daring silhouettes season by season to test our style limits and ultimately, to let us have more fun. That’s what fashion is all about, anyway.

So if silhouette trends make you excited, scroll through and see five new shapes to try and help you get out of your style comfort zone. You can also check Clozette SHOPPE’s latest Style Report: Modern Silhouettes to see (and shop) more styles.


Cape Sleeves

(Get It Here)

Whether the cape sleeves are part of a top or dress, the shape lends a super heroine twist to the whole look. This silhouette is sure to inspire our holiday dressing game this December. Try: Rare London Midi Dress from Nasty Gal

Bell Sleeves

(Get It Here)

Three years ago, the shape of the season was ‘big shoulders, slim wrists’. Today the ‘volume’ has turned with the revival of bell sleeves, a popular 70’s trend that is fitted around the arms and loose down the wrists. The shape takes some getting used to, but you know the billowy sleeves will look great when dancing at parties. Groovy! Try: Movin On Up Top from Free People

Maxi Split Skirt

(Get It Here)

A maxi skirt with a thigh-high slit oozes demure sex appeal because of the length and flash of skin. Be daring and don’t be afraid to show off a leg in this part-sexy, part-modest silhouette. Try: WYLDR Maxi Skirt from Nordstrom

Wide-Leg Pants

(Get It Here)

The fashion- and future-forward bottoms are surprisingly slimming because they accentuate the waist when paired with a fitted top. Keep both in the same colour family or pick a jumpsuit-style to lengthen your frame. Try: Loveapella Wide Leg Jumpsuit from Nordstrom


(Get It Here)

The cropped trouser style is our most favourite among the five – it has a breezy silhouette and brings a promise of a laid-back day, like Casual Friday at work or hanging out with friends on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Try: Chelsea28 Front Pleat Culottes from Nordstrom


Tell us which silhouette you would wear first in the comments below!



Setting the launch atop one of the country’s iconic structures, KALAIA is absolutely doing everything right to embody the core of a true bohemian believer - taking in the wonders of the universe, feeling the earth beneath your feet and dancing until the moon fades. It was indeed a night to remember for, family, friends, guests and the designer herself, our Clozette Ambassador Coco Mercy.

It was an intimate evening with almost everyone on their best all-white outfit coming together to celebrate and welcome the brand’s Resort 2015 collection – To Anywhere.

Our Clozette Ambassadors were also all-out to support their fellow Clozetter in the launch. Spotted at the event were Anico, Cindy, Sydney, Hanna, and Melissa, giving Coco their cheers and well wishes to such an amazing collection.

Also present was Singaporean singer-songwriter Inch Chua who’s got some good things to say when asked about what she thinks of the brand “it’s very chic and also perfect for the Singapore weather.”

Understandably tired but not showing signs of it, Coco Mercy answered a few questions about her and the brand as we managed to steal her temporarily from the well-wishing crowd.

Has it been a dream of yours since you were young to have a clothing line? 
Not really, it was just 4 years ago that I came up with the idea.

What made you decide to come up with your own label and go for it? 
I felt that I’m not a corporate person. I just told myself if not now, when will I do it.

Favorite Designers? 
A lot actually, Giambattista Valli, Ellie Saab, Dolce and Gabbana, Versace to name a few.


A celebration of the modern free woman and the bohemian soul. 

Congratulations and more power to the whole KALAIA team!