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5 Reasons You Should Try Solo Travelling Once In Your Life

We are often limited by invisible shackles that hold us down. With this we feel limited on how much we can accomplish with our own unique abilities. We hear voices in our heads telling us that we are not good enough to hold an exciting conversation, that we should abide by all these societal expectations, and how we shouldn’t be too bold in unfamiliar territory. But sometimes, too much self doubt leaves no space for self discovery. 

This is where solo travelling comes in. Somehow, it opens a path to rediscovering yourself and learning to appreciate yourself better, leaving you more empowered and confident than you ever were.

So if you're having second thoughts about those solo travelling plans, read on for five compelling reasons that'll make you book that flight and have that solo trip that will definitely change your life.


You will learn to make independent decisions

Travelling alone means that you are your own compass and that time is also in your own hands. You can maximise your travels the way you want to! Not to mention how liberating it is. You get no objections and no complaints from anyone other than yourself. It leaves no room for self-doubt which raises your confidence and your ability to rely on yourself each time you’re forced to make a decision.
Solitude teaches you who matters most in your life

Being alone and getting that sense of solitude can give us a feeling of sadness from time to time. It makes you miss being with another person's company, making you more aware of how much they mean to your life. Going solo teaches you how to appreciate the people who are always there for you and you how you may have taken their presence for granted. 

But don't worry, since solo travelling is all about self-discovery, you will learn that feeling these things is normal and it will make you appreciate the people you left home a little more than you did before.
You can discover how flexible and tolerant you are

Being able to experience a different culture is a sign of smooth adaptation to changes. During my solo trip to Japan two months back, I learnt that I could be more polite than I thought I was. The patience that a staff had for her new colleague while teaching her cashiering duties was an exemplary lesson and a valuable takeaway for myself. 

I also learnt that I could actually eat udon, given that it was all udon and ramen over at Japan. In Singapore, I could barely tolerate the smell of those dishes. But through travelling, I realised that situations can change us and circumstances allow us to alter our limits to surprising lengths. 

Travelling solo to other countries also made me appreciate the value and importance of being frugal with the realisation that life is not always a bed of roses. It led me to ponder on the idea that being fortunate is a luxury in itself.
You learn to communicate and open up to others more easily

Getting lost in a foreign land and not being able to find the right directions can be a headache. Not to mention problems like your Wi-Fi signal running low and not being able to access Google Maps, leaving you no choice but to ask the locals for help. 

Based on my experience, it's quite rare that locals would reject tourists asking for help, unless for the more obvious reasons like their difficulty to converse in English. Talking to strangers on the streets have taught me that the situation is only as awkward as you make it. As long as you're not out to offend anyone, always remember that you don't have to be afraid to ask questions. 
You learn that you are whole as a person

Travelling solo gives you the responsibility to fend for yourself without having someone be your shield or your knight in shining armour. Being able to enjoy your own company and having your thoughts at ease will remind you that your opinion on things matter. Conquering foreign lands alone allows you to believe that you are a well-rounded person who can achieve anything they put their mind into. It'll make you realise that you are awesome, ala-carte.


Any solo-travelling experiences you'd like to share? We'd love to hear about them in the comments below!