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5 Retro Makeup Looks To Take Inspiration From

(cover photo from Perinsidhu)

We're giving you a blast from the past with these retro makeup looks reincarnated by our favourite makeup artists on YouTube. Yes, it's time to get creative with your makeup and experience for yourself the looks favoured by the women of the past.

Get inspired to play around with different brow shapes, lip shades, and eyeshadow colours with these tutorials! 


Pin Up Makeup

by easyNeon 

Ah, yes. the classic pin-up girl look that launched a thousand bright red lip shades. This looks comes with a defined brow shape, thick winged liner, and bold red lips. You may have to over-line your lips a bit for a sharp cupid's bow. Finish it off with a dash of contour and feel all glammed-up throughout the day! 

Soft Vintage Makeup Tutorial

by Heidi Hamoud 

If you're looking for inspiration on which wedding makeup look to sport, try this one for a change. It's soft and all blurred-out, and includes wispy lashes and warm neutral shades for both the eyes and lips. This is the perfect look for those who prefer to go on the soft side while still making a statement by incorporating a dash of vintage in their look.

Spring Makeup Tutorial | Retro Mint & Pink

by Amanda Ensing 

Another retro-inspired look is the pink and mint colour combination. The best thing about this look is how the warm browns accentuate the bright aqua shade, for eyes that pop. Complemented with a glossy pink lip, this look will surely make the crowd give you a long second look. 

Vintage Makeup Tutorial - Classic 1930's Look 

by Make-up Designory 

Here's a hardcore 1930's look that will either make you cringe or swoon when you see what the makeup artist did with the model's eyebrows. See how long, thin, and fine that is? Well, you be the judge if you think that will work for you. Nonetheless, this is an inspiring tutorial for those makeup geeks and vintage fanatics at heart. 

Vintage 70's/30's style Make-up

by Lisa Eldridge 

Last but not the least is this Biba makeup look from makeup expert and vintage makeup collector, Lisa Eldridge. We love the dolled-up eyes, ultra wispy lashes, rosebud lips, sickly blush (yes, that's a makeup trend too), and of course, the colourful eye makeup look. If you have bright shades around, time to put them to use for a fun makeup session with your friends!

Snap a photo and share a photo of your retro MOTD with our beauty community today!