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5 Secrets To Get Whiter Teeth

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Having a perfect set of teeth is what we all aspire to have. After all, it can be a real confidence booster! And while enduring years of braces can give us perfectly aligned teeth, it can’t whiten them.

And if we want that bright, perfect smile, white teeth is one of the most important things to have! So if you want to smile with confidence and be proud of your pearly whites, keep reading below for our 5 secrets to getting whiter teeth!


Avoid food and drinks that stain teeth

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First up, one of the key secrets to having whiter teeth is prevention. Coffee, tea, wine, berries, and more are just some of the foods and beverages that can stain teeth. So if you must, eat and drink them moderately! But, don't forget to always brush your teeth immediately after eating them!

Use whitening toothpaste and rinses

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While some people think whitening toothpastes and rinses are a gimmicky thing, they are actually effective! If you want quicker results without having to go to the dentist and spend a ton, just brush with Closeup Diamond Attraction toothpaste for visibly whiter teeth from the first brush!

Munch on raw fruits and vegetables

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Another reason why fruits and veggies are good for us! Crunchy foods like peanuts, apples, and raw carrots are especially good for our teeth because they clean them by removing plaque and stains that might have been left by other foods! But be careful of citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons because they contain a high amount of citric acid that could actually do more harm than good to our teeth. 

Maintain good oral hygiene

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If you want a whiter smile, then the easiest way to get it is through good oral hygiene! Are you brushing your teeth thoroughly? Flossing too, maybe? And strictly going through with your dentist appointments? Stay religious with your oral routine and you will soon have a smile that you will be proud of!

Brush your tongue

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And with good oral hygiene in mind, don’t forget to brush your tongue too! How can a clean tongue lead to a whiter smile? Well our tongues accumulate bacteria that can lead to discoloured teeth. So if you don’t want that, take a soft-bristled toothbrush and gently brush your tongue, making sure to rinse after every stroke!


Got any more secrets to get whiter teeth? Share it with us below!