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5 Skirts You Should Have In Your Wardrobe

(cover photo from kongkathleen)

It cannot be denied that wearing shorts and pants are extremely comfortable. But there's something lacking in these bottoms that only a skirt can satisfy---the power to look sweet and dainty. With the range of options available now, skirts are no longer just girly-girl items of clothing, they now also cater to fit a wide range of styles---from that sweet girl-next-door-look to a quaint monochrome OOTD.

So if you're looking to stock up on these wardrobe mainstays, here are 5 must-have skirt styles you need to have.


Printed Skirt

(photo from SheraneTeo)

It was back in 2013 when printed skirts came to be and they have maintained their status until now because more and more designers are incorporating art into their fabrics. A design of a printed skirt can range from floral, to abstract, to patterns, or even to a tribute to Star Wars. Simply put---there are so many prints out there that fit every fashionista's personality. So add a dash of fun to your wardrobe by stocking up on a range of printed skirts.


(photo from Huiminxoxo)

If you're not comfortable with a mini-skirt but don't like a full-length one either, then the midi- skirt is for you! Whether it's body-con or flowy, a midi-skirt is the classiest choice of them all. They look great when paired with heels and a simple top. 

Circle Skirt

(photo from camilealdriene)

The circle skirt accentuates a woman's body pretty well---tight on the waist and circular at the bottom, giving you an hourglass figure. Pair it with a fitted top, or tuck it in to balance out the shape. 

Maxi Skirt

(photo from kongkathleen)

Contrary to popular belief, a full-length skirt looks good on both tall and petite girls. Get one with slits on both sides if you want to flaunt your legs, or a buy an ombre-coloured one for summer vacations, or get a floral-printed one for that carefree, hippie vibe.

Mini skirt

(photo from missalvy)

Living in this region means there are more sunny days than cold ones, so it totally make sense that the current crowd favourite is the mini-skirt. It's length is fun to style and is a good substitute to the short-shorts everyone is wearing. A mini-skirt can be denim, plaid, asymmetrical, or suede. If you need a good middle-ground, opt for skorts---a mix of a skirt and a short, which makes going mini less daunting and more comfortable.

What are your favourite skirts? Share it with us in the comment box below!