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5 Steps To A Productive Life

Don't laze around, be productive!

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With everyone's busy schedule, shuffling from work or school and up to maintaining a lasting blog and social media presence, the tasks do pile up; and soon you find that your to-do list is a mile long. But don't let it discourage you. If you're set on doing something you love and it's something you want to sustain for a long time, it's all about increasing your productivity--to always ensure you complete a fresh set of tasks daily just to get into the groove of things.

To help you keep up with those tasks, here are 5 ways you can be more productive in all aspects of life!


Get Started Early

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Make it a habit to wake up early, get a good shower, and eat a healthy breakfast. This doesn't just prepare you physically but also mentally as it sets your mind to the tasks you'll be doing for the day. It gives you the proper mindset and the willpower to actually finish your work!

Plan Ahead

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Failing to plan is planning to fail. Lay your tasks out and arrange them according to difficulty. Studies show that doing the most difficult task first (or the task you dislike the most) will make it easier for you to finish the rest. Also, if you have a big task that can't be done in one sitting, divide it into smaller tasks and commit to doing those tasks until you meet your deadline. It's all about prioritizing and staying focused.

Write It Down

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Need to remember something? Write it down. Don't take a screenshot or type it on your phone. The physical task of writing it down allows you to process the information better. This also works when you're in meetings--write down notes, concepts, and the tasks assigned to you so you get a better understanding and you get to strategize things better. 

Take Productive Breaks

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No time should be wasted, especially if you're catching a deadline. However, you also have to take breaks if you feel like your brain needs it. Instead of browsing social media sites, take a productive break by either drinking coffee, reading an article or a book, or even by stretching your body a bit. This sudden shift gives your brain rest and helps you refocus to finish your task again later on. If you're lucky enough, your Eureka! moment might even come during these little breaks!

Keep Your Desk Clean

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It may be something simple, but a clean desk has its benefits. Firstly, it helps you finds things better, so you're not rummaging for things that you need. Secondly, it gives you an uncluttered view of your personal things making you less irritable or restless. Lastly, it sets your mind to do actual work! It's like purging all the unproductivity out and letting the organized thoughts come in! 

Have more productivity tips to share? Let us know in the comments below!