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Let’s get this out of the way: we’ve all had days when we don’t want to put an effort into styling our outfits. It could’ve been brought by a bad day or just plain lack of motivation. No matter the reason, though, we’re happy to say you’ll never have one of those days ever again. With these easy hacks, you can elevate your ordinary look in a jiffy.

Get your shades on

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There’s no better way to finish off a look and give it a different edge than with a pair of top-notch, chic sunglasses. Bolon Eyewear offers pieces crafted with impact-resistant lenses that block UVA, UVB and UVC rays, so your eyes are stylishly protected from the sun’s harmful rays. The best part of all? They have a variety of sleek designs that cater to just about any type of personality.

Cuff ‘em denim 

Nothing beats the jeans and white T-shirt combo. It’s a classic pairing that never goes out of style. We say don’t fix what’s not broken. But we’re not one to shy away from a little tweaking if it means the look can go from so-so to snazzy.

Don’t ditch the jeans – just style them differently. Cuff the hems of your jeans. It gives the illusion that you actually put a lot of effort into your look because the style is the perfect mix of chic and laid-back.

Say it with accessories

Got a simple pullover on? Wear a bib necklace to jazz it up. Just slipped on a dress? Give your look a different vibe with bracelets or bangles. You can turn any ordinary look into an attention-grabbing one if you play your accessory cards right. The key is balance. Focus on one area you want to highlight. Layer your accessories or do one big, statement piece.

Bet on a blazer 

Nothing says “I know my thing” better than an outfit finished off with a tailored blazer. It takes any simple look to a level that gives off an air of sophistication. The one major thing to take note of when it comes to this style, however, is the fit of the blazer. Make sure that you’re wearing one that fits just right and can be worn on different occasions.

Step into style 

A subtle way to upgrade your look is to put on an interesting pair of shoes. You can be completely plain when it comes to your clothes but if you add an unconventional layer to it in the form of a fun pair of shoes, you’re good to go – literally.

Go for something shiny or bright if you want to make a statement, or pair your jeans-and-shirt combo with a pair of heels for a sophisticated touch. There are so many options to choose from, and they all give a sleek result.

Ready to level up your style with premium quality eyewear? Grab a pair from Bolon Eyewear.


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Sun dress

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