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5 Styles That Make You Look Unprofessional

a.k.a. the fast route to HR's office

Office dress codes may not be as rigid as they were years ago, but some styles just don't belong in the workplace. When dressing for work, you want to look professional as much as possible because it sends a strong visual message to your employers about your work ethics.

As Prada once said, "Fashion is instant language," and in a corporate setting full of busy people, all you get is a mere five minutes to give the best impression. So it's best to avoid these styles that will make you look unprofessional.

See-through Clothing

Although the bralette and sheer top combo is a fun ensemble, it's too risky to be worn in the office. With that said, you can still wear sheer blouses by pairing them with the right pieces. You can go for the usual tank top underneath or you can wear a sheer blouse over a sleeveless dress. The key is to add it as an interesting layer rather than as your main top. 

Shirts With Controversial Statements

Unless your statement shirt is spreading good vibes through inspirational quotes or features funny and witty puns, think twice before you wear them in the office. It's specially best to avoid wearing shirts that have political or religious inclinations that can make your colleagues, bosses or even clients uncomfortable or worse, offended. The office is not the best place to engage in a heated discussion about your personal beliefs. When at work, always keep it professional. 

Any Clothing With Visible Crease

It doesn't matter how nice your outfit is, if there is any obvious, visible crease in what you're wearing, it takes away the elegance of the overall look. In reality, you may just be too busy to iron your clothes but this can be misinterpreted by others as a sign of clumsiness and lack of preparation. So take extra care in making sure that your work clothes are impeccable. Just a tip, if you're really running out of time, choose black clothing as creases are less obvious in dark fabrics.

Bringing Your College Backpack To Work

Most college backpacks have a bulky and sporty appearance that just looks too young and casual for the office. A huge backpack on your back can also affect your posture poorly, giving you a slouched appearance. Aside from classy handbags and shoulder bags, the best alternative are small- to medium-sized leather backpacks. They are just as practical and builds your professional image better.

Shoes That You're Not Comfortable In

The age-old saying that pain is beauty and beauty is pain should not be applied to your shoe choices. So no matter how fabulous those stilettos may be, if you're not comfortable walking in them, they'll only make you look uneasy and awkward. Just pick something that you'll be confident and comfortable in but still fashionable enough to complement your office outfit like flats or low-heeled shoes. Whatever shoes you choose, make sure that they fit your feet just right.

While we're at it, it's also best to avoid heels that clank when you walk because they may disturb others or attract unnecessary attention in the workplace. 

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