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5 Styles To Try In 2015

cforcassan is our Ambassador Insider for January and she lets us in on the fashion choices she can't wait to try this year!

Like what they always say: a new year breeds a new beginning. 

Let 2015 be a year of your biggest fashion experiment. Try on new styles, clean out the old, and more importantly, dress comfortably to know what fits you well. For me, it's also a year of taking chances, especially with fashion. Here are some of the styles I would love to experiment further and inculcate into my wardrobe in the New Year. Who knows? It might also be something which you would want to try out for yourselves as well!

1) Literal Prints

Go bold, or go home. Such statement pieces can bring life into your closet, and you'll be sure to wow the crowd with these beautiful prints. Pair it with neutral accessories so as not to take away too much attention from what you are wearing.
2) Lace

Being a girly-girl myself, I can never say no to lace. Owning at least one lace piece in your closet can make an outfit look more sweet and girly, depending on how you style it. Want to spice things up? You can always match a lace top with a leather skirt or slim jeans for an edgier look.
3) Accessorizing

I have never been one to accessorize, until I started trying out dangle earrings and I was hooked! Adding such bold statements can definitely glam up any outfit in an instant! Not a fan of drop earrings? You can opt for bigger studs which will also bring out the magic.
4) A Pop Of Colour

A pop of colour can liven up any outfit! Adding the right tone to your outfit is not only easy, but can also transform your style. This year, I plan to be bolder and step out of my comfort zone when it comes to experimenting with colours. You can also try it out with pastel hues this season if you want to slowly ease your way into bold colours.
5) Sweater Weather

With the chilly weather creeping in, it's essential to own at least one or two sweaters which can tide you through the erratic weather in the region. For those who feel that it might be too warm, you can always pair it with a trumpet skirt or even a cute pair of shorts for a more casual look.

What are the styles you plan on trying out in 2015? Snap a photo and share it with our Fashion Community!

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