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5 Sunscreens For Those Who Don't Like Slathering

So long, stickiness!

For most of our lives, we've only known sunscreen lotions as our ultimate shield from the sun's harmful rays. Not all of us are a fan of their thick and sticky consistency that feels so icky on our skin. But in the end, we have no choice; it's either slimy goop or painful sunburns. 

But what if we told you that thanks to recent skincare technology advances, there are now other ways for you to protect your skin against the sun's harmful rays? If you've always hated slathering sticky sunscreen lotions, then here are some you might enjoy.

Sunscreen Oral Capsules

It is known that certain foods that we eat can help our skin become more resilient to sun damage. Heliocare's oral capsules are developed based on this knowledge. Their product is made through extracting ingredients from a fern called Polypodium leucotomos, which originated in Central America. It's been studied that this fern has a natural mechanism to protect itself from sun radiation.

By ingesting the fern's key ingredients through this capsule, we can also benefit from its sun protecting properties. However, before you take any kind of supplement make sure that you consult your doctor first. Heliocare also suggests to use a topical sunscreen along with this pill to maximise sun protection.

Sunscreen Powder

The opposite of the greasy sunscreen lotion is the smooth and fine sunscreen powder. Although they are very different in terms of texture, they share the same ingredients that can protect our skin from the sun, namely iron oxide and titanium oxide. Sunscreen powders are specially ideal to use on the face (specially for oily-skinned babes), where they can double as a setting powder. Plus, re-application of sunscreen when you already have makeup on is easier with powder.

Sun Stick

Sun sticks are arguably the best choice for ladies who are always on the go. It's portable (no accidental spilling), easy to reapply and comfortable to use on the skin. Some variants of sun sticks even claim to have oil-controlling properties. The downside is most sun sticks are ideal for face and neck use only since it's harder (and maybe even unhygienic) to roll this all over your body. But it's still a good choice for everyday sun protection.

Sun Spray

Sun sprays are definitely easier and faster to apply than most sun protection options. Although you can easily miss some areas because the formula is so light that it's hard to keep track which part you've already covered. The best way to ensure maximum protection is to go over your whole body twice.

Sun Tissue

Apparently, sun tissues are a thing. They're easy enough to use; just pop one tissue and wipe it on your skin for easy sun protection. Not much is known about this kind of sunscreen and only a few brands have released their versions, but it's a great start and an innovative idea to develop.

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