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5 Things To Do When Faced WIth Difficult Life Choices

Since the moment we started to become aware of our own consciousness, life has never stopped handing us more and more choices. From the clothes we will wear for the day to the route we will take home, each of these choices leads to a decision to be made. And as much as we want them to be simple, there will come a time when our values and emotions will be put to the test.

I used to believe that as long as you keep a steady goal in mind, decisions are easy to make. But as I age, I’m realising that the bigger the decision, the more complicated it actually is.

So if you're currently in a rut and don't know what to do, here are my personal tips on how to deal with making difficult decisions. 



Getting caught up with a lot of emotions comes with the burden of making a big decision. That's why going to a place where you can be alone, even for a couple of minutes, can significantly help. Forget about the people who are trying to pitch in their own opinions on the problem and just take a breather, try to compose yourself, and condition yourself to be ready for whatever the results may be.
Own the situation

Everyone has their own cross to bear. But we are prone to compare and judge the weight of other people's problems at par with our own. In perspective, how can you put a high school student's personal struggles head-to-head with your own adult problems? Always keep in mind that comparing your situation to others and dwelling on the negativity of why you are burdened with such a circumstance won't help the situation. Instead, focus on how this is an avenue for personal growth.
Listen to the opinion of parties who are not involved in the situation 

Everyone will always have their own personal agenda, whether it’s good or bad. That's why it's also best to ask for help from people beyond your regular group of friends. They’ll be able to help you see the bigger picture as they have a different view on the matter you’re dealing with.
Always remember that you can't please everyone

There will always be pros and cons in every story, which is why the expression, “Go for the lesser evil,” is usually something I keep in mind when faced with difficult decisions. I believe that taking a stand on a situation is always better than distancing yourself away from accountability.
Don't regret it

I firmly believe that well-thought out decisions are something we shouldn't regret. Putting a lot of effort and emotion into picking our choices show resolve, determination, and responsibility. This means that these decisions are not made rashly and that we did our best to consider all the possible outcomes. At the end of the day, that in itself is something to truly be proud of.


Do you have more tips on how to deal with difficult decisions? Share it with us in the comments below!