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5 Things To Do When It Rains On Your Travels

Travelling and finally pushing through with our dream getaway takes a lot of planning. But sometimes, no matter how hard we try, there are some things that we just can't anticipate a.k.a the weather. It can be a bit annoying and disappointing when we think that we've got everything in our travel to-do list set and the skies go pouring down on us. But travelling is all about having fun and who's to say that a little change in weather will ruin a vacation we've been looking forward for so long?

Don't worry! We listed down activities that can be great alternatives to your outdoor plans when the sun is nowhere to be found.


Go food-hopping

Head over to the nearest restaurant, cafe, or food market and start scouting for some local delicacies and treats. This is probably the easiest solution when it start raining in the middle of a walking trip because most tourist sights have food places at every corner.
Visit a museum

Even if it's raining cats and dogs outside, you can still get a taste of culture and art inside a museum. There will be so much stuff to explore and learn about that, although figuratively, you'll feel like you're transported in many other places and even time periods! Plus, it may come as a surprise to some, but there are museums in various tourist destinations that can be visited for free.
Go shopping

Take a hint from the weather and start buying some souvenirs or just shop in general! Since a lot of shops are indoors, you can take your time browsing and haggling your way into your take-home haul.
Go on a pub crawl

Discover the unique night life of whatever place you're in by tagging your friends along and tasting the local brew!
Embrace your inner pluviophile

Just a little FYI, umbrellas can be checked-in along with your baggage. So if you don't mind a little mist and feeling the cold breeze on your skin during your travels, go ahead and pave your way into the great outdoors under your brollies!


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