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5 Things To Know About Meghan Markle

Who's the future missus of Prince Harry?

Meghan Markle, of Suits fame, has been engaged to Prince Harry of England. While their relationship is quite on the down low, many have been rooting for the two and were eager to know whether they would actually end up together. And now, the time has finally come. But before we revel in the joy of learning about where their story, akin to a fairy tale, would go, let’s put the spotlight on Markle. Who is she? Here are five things we learned.

Gender equality supporter

Markle is an active spokesperson for UN Women and has been a big supporter of Emma Watson’s He For She campaign.


Markle is also a humanitarian and has worked on various causes, including providing clean and safe water for places that are in dire need of it.

Former blogger

The actress ran a lifestyle website called The Tig, where she shared stories about fashion, beauty, food, culture and self-empowerment. The site shut down in April 2017.

Style star

The future missus has an upscale style. She’s often seen wearing outfits that wow, and most recently, she’s been wearing a lot of Canadian designers. Although Markle is American, she has spent a lot of her time in Canada, where Suits is shot.

Brave about change

Markle, who has been vocal about her struggle in finding good roles in Hollywood because she is biracial, has announced that she is leaving Suits. While she has not said that she will no longer do acting jobs, Markle said she was ready to make a change in her career and help Prince Harry in his charitable work.

(Cover photo from: @meghanmarkle)

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